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Tractor vehicles are divided into many types according to the driving form: 1.4X2 2.4X4 3.6X4 4.6X2 5.6X6 6.8X4 7.8X8 8.10X4 A tractor is a general large truck or semi-trailer that is towed by a tool between the front and the car. That is, the front of the car can be pulled out of the original car and pulled out of other cars. The car can also be pulled away from the original head by other fronts. . The front of the drive with the driving ability is called a tractor.

Product Details

1.Brief description of the principle

The working principle is as follows: one traction seat support is arranged on the lower side of the seat cover plate made of steel plate, and the pin shaft is connected with the seat cover plate, and the base of the traction seat can be rotated forward and backward with the pin shaft as the center. The bottom surface of the traction base is connected with the pulled trailer by bolts. A locking mechanism consisting of a horseshoe, a diagonal iron, a knuckle, an adjusting plate, a cross bar, a tie rod and a spring is arranged under the seat cover, and the horseshoe is fixed at the seat. On the cover plate, the knuckle, the tie rod and the cross bar are connected by a pin shaft, and the inclined iron is also connected by a pin shaft, and the pull rod is connected by a spring to the rib plate below the seat cover plate. It is characterized in that the two tails behind the saddle-shaped seat cover are large arcs, and the middle has a butterfly-shaped concave surface, which divides the entire plane into five similarly sized portions.

2.Control System

Traction Control System, referred to as TCS, also known as ASR or TRC. Its role is to enable the car to get the best traction under all driving conditions. The control device of the traction control system is a computer that uses the computer to detect the speed of the four wheels and the steering angle of the steering wheel. When the car accelerates, if the difference between the rotational speed of the driving wheel and the non-driving wheel is detected to be too large, the computer immediately judges that the driving force is too large. The command signal is sent to reduce the fuel supply of the engine, and the driving force is reduced, thereby reducing the slip rate of the driving wheel. The computer grasps the driver's steering intention through the steering wheel angle sensor, and then detects the left and right wheel speed difference by using the left and right wheel speed sensors; thereby judging whether the vehicle steering degree is the same as the driver's steering intention. If it is detected that the car is understeering (or oversteering), the computer immediately judges that the driving force of the driving wheel is too large, and issues an instruction to lower the driving force in order to achieve the driver's steering intention.

The traction control system can prevent the vehicle from idling when driving on a slippery road such as snow, so that the vehicle can start and accelerate smoothly. Especially in snowy or muddy roads, the traction control system ensures smooth acceleration and prevents the vehicle from traversing or tailing due to the slip of the drive wheel.

HOWO 4X2 Tractor Truck

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3. Warranty

(1) One year quality guarantee or within 100000km, which comes the first.

(2) Other spare part could be supplied by OEM at cost prices. 

(3) Regularly callback to know the vehicle's working status. 

(4) The overseas engineers are always ready to deal with unexpected needs. 

4. Company information

China Truck International Ltd is one of the main exporters of Chinese trucks which is authorized by Ministry of Commerce.

Staff of our company can provide the trucks meeting the requirement of customers at the best price. We have many years of experience in exporting trucks. 

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