HOWO 10 Wheels Tractor Truck

HOWO 10 Wheels Tractor Truck USES key advanced assemblies and reasonable technical connections.The vehicle layout is reasonable, the assembly is coordinated, unified and reliable, so that it has a good performance in the vehicle power, economy, reliability, environmental friendliness and other aspects.

Product Details

The function of the traction control system of the HOWO 10 Wheels Tractor Truck is to obtain the best traction under various driving conditions.Control device of traction control system is a computer, using the computer to detect the speed of four wheels and the steering Angle, when the truck speed up, if detection to the driving wheels and the driving wheel speed difference is too big, the computer immediately determine driving force is too large, a command signal to reduce engine oil, reduce the driving force, so as to reduce the driving wheel slip rate.Tractor truck computer masters the driver's intention of steering through the steering wheel Angle sensor, and then USES the left and right wheel speed sensor to detect the difference between the left and right wheels speed;To determine whether the truck steering degree and the driver's intention to turn the same.If the truck is detected to be understeering (or over-steering), the computer immediately determines that the driving wheel has too much driving power and issues instructions to reduce the driving force in order to achieve the driver's intention of steering.

Product Description:

tractor truck Model

HOWO 10 Wheels Tractor Truck ZZ4257N3241V

Dimension(Lx W xH)(mm)


Approaching /Departure angle(°)


Overhang(front/rear) (mm)


Wheel base (mm)


Max speed(km/h)


Curb weight(kg)


Loading Weight(kg)



D12.42; 420HP

Fuel tanker(L)




Brake system

Service brake: Dual circuit compressed air brake

Parking brake

spring energy, compressed air operating on rear wheels

Steering system


Front axle

HF9: Steering with double T-cross section beam. Loading capacity: 9000kg

Rear axle

HC16: Pressed axle housing, central double reduction with differential locks between axles and wheels

Electrical system

Battery :2X12V/165Ah






HOWO76 cab, (one sleeping, with air-condition),

all-steel forward control,55ºhydraulically tiltable to the

front, 2- arm windscreen wiper system with three

speeds, laminated windscreen with casted-in radio

aerial, hydraulically damped adjustable driver's seat and

rigid adjustable co-driver's seat, with heating and ventilating system,
outer sun visor, adjustable roof flap, with stereo radio/cassette

recorder, safety belts and adjustable steering wheel, air

horn, with 4-point support fully floating suspension and

shock absorbers

The chassis of the HOWO 10 Wheels Tractor Truck is equipped with a saddle, which is used for pulling semi-trailers (such as container semi-trailer, low-plate semi-trailer, self-discharging semi-trailer, etc.), and is suitable for medium and long-distance transportation of good highway.

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