Sinotruk HOWO 6X4 371HP Prime Mover Tractor Truck

1.Specification (1) HOWO 6x4 Tractor Truck Model ZZ4257N3241W. (2) WD615.47 Engine,371HP Horse Power,Euro III emission. (3) 400L Fuel tank (4) HW19710 manual transmission, 10 forwarder, 2 reverse (5) HC16 axles, drum brake (6) HW76 cab, with one sleeper, heater and air conditioner (7)...

Product Details

The Advantage of HOWO TRUCK Cabin

The HOWO cab-HOWO cab mould is produced by Volvo of Sweden. The welding tires are imported from Thailand (the welding tires of many companies such as Volvo and Mercedes are also made in Thailand). The body is a fully automatic robot production line designed with foreign experts. Welding, all modernized program control, reaching the world's advanced level. The main body adopts the integral steel frame structure, the safety meets the most stringent Swedish safety regulations in the world, and the anti-impact and anti-external force oppressive ability is extremely strong, which fully protects the safety of drivers and passengers; the domestically-developed cab lateral stabilizer is added, and the road is used. The truck adopts the world's top four-point suspension air suspension shock absorber, and the off-highway vehicle adopts four-point suspension spring suspension   damping device; the driver's seat belt adopts double locking structure, the insurance factor is greatly increased;

Main Specifications(Configurations can be changed)

Sinotruk HOWO 6X4 371HP Prime Mover Tractor Truck Wheelbase 3225+1350 mm Track Track front 2022 mm Track rear 1830 mm Cab HW76 cab, 4-point full floating air suspension,
 adjustable steering wheel with various heights and angles, 
air suspension seat, central door lock, electric window lifter, power mirror Engine CNHTC brand WD615.47,371HP , Euro II emission Clutch Sinotruks 430 diaphragm spring clutch Gear box Sinotruks HW19710 Front axle HF9 drum, rated loading 90000KG Rear axle HC16 Double reduction driving axle Tire   12.00-20 bias tire Brae system With ABS system Frame High-strength single U-profile frame with a section of 300*90*8 Electrical system 24V, CAN bus intellectual electronic control system

The Advantage of the Sinotruk HOWO 6X4 371HP Prime Mover Tractor Truck

 European and American body shape design, width 600 mm, aluminum alloy frame, light weight, good rigidity; integrated air and air conditioning channels, air conditioning without fluorine, environmental protection, compressors use joint venture products, condensing pipelines use high quality materials; unique artificial intelligence Control, control engine water temperature, oil temperature, oil consumption, combustion degree, vehicle electrical circuit, intake and exhaust load, vehicle pressure status, oil quantity and oil system, all control nodes can be used in domestic commercial vehicles The largest LCD display with different symbols, automatic fault detection, automatic storage of important operational data; full seat design The ergonomic principle, the seat cushion and the backrest are provided with electric heating device, and the high back waist is equipped with an airbag, which can effectively support the waist. The upper part of the high backrest can be adjusted to effectively relieve the fatigue of the driver's shoulder and neck. The bumper has a high position and a low position (it is necessary to emphasize that the mixer chassis is as high as possible to select the bumper), and the middle part is provided with a reversible foot pedal to facilitate wiping the glass; the steering wheel can be adjusted by plus or minus 5 degrees, up and down. 25 mm adjustment.SINOTRUK Engine is a domestically developed 10L, improved and upgraded China Heavy Truck wide cylinder and two-cylinder air compressor. The Steyr engine is a key component and a fault-prone assembly using imported or joint venture products. The press adopts SCHWITZER supercharger: the starter adopts the direct push type BOSCH fourth generation deceleration starter, the electric system oil pressure sensor. The water temperature sensor: adopts the German VDO brand product, etc.; the injector adopts the UK With the normal use and maintenance of Delphi nozzles, the average life expectancy is over 800,000 kilometers.

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