Used HOWO 6X4 371HP Tract Truck For Sale

Used HOWO 6X4 371HP Tract Truck

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What do you need to check when buying a used Truck?

1. Appearance, observation may have repaired places;2, the overall shape, there may be abnormal places;3, the engine, mainly listen to the sound, open a 10 minutes or more to see the color of the tail gas (burning oil or sensor problems);4, try to open, must be opened to more than 80 yards, there are problems to be true response;5. Check all small parts and check brakes, tires, etc.


Kilometers: 20000 KM

Year: 2016

Number of axle:3

Overall Dimession(mm):6800x2496x3450

Left Hand Drive

HW76, extended Cab, single berth, up/down and front/back adjustable steering wheel