Used SINOTRUK HOWO Tractor Truck

The front locomotive with driving ability is called tractor, while the rear one without traction driving ability is called trailer, which is towed by tractor. There are two ways to connect tractor and trailer: first, the front half of the trailer is put on the traction saddle above the rear...

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Used SINOTRUK HOWO Tractor Trucks are more capable of carrying, climbing and removing obstacles, and are suitable for various road conditions, especially complex road conditions. Now China is phasing out the China 3 emission standard trucks nationwide.Many of the euro 3 used tractor trucks are still far from reaching the level of direct scrapping. Premature elimination is also a waste of resources. At this time, the idea of exporting used trucks to foreign countries began to be valued by the industry and the country. As far as the target market is concerned, the countries along the “Belt and Road” are the main market for used trucks in China, including Africa, Southeast Asia, Russia, Central Asia, South America, the Middle East and other countries with left and right steering gears.

Wheelbase3200+1400 (HW16 driving axle) /3225+1350 mm
TrackTrack front2022 mm
Track rear1830 mm
Cab2 sleepers, 4-point full floating air suspension, adjustable steering wheel with various heights and angles,
air suspension seat, central door lock, electric window lifter, power mirror

EngineCNHTC brand D10.38, 380hp , Euro II emission
ClutchSinotruks 430 diaphragm spring clutch
Gear boxSinotruks HW19710
Front axleHF9 drum, rated loading 9t
Rear axleHC16 Double reduction driving axle
Tire12.00R20 Steel tire
Brae systemWith ABS system
FrameHigh-strength single U-profile frame with a section of 300*90*8
Electrical system24V, CAN bus intellectual electronic control system

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