HOWO 4X2 Truck Mounted Crane.

HOWO 4x2 truck mounted crane. is also called the straight arm crane truck. It refers to that during the driving process of the car, the following parts of the boom are horizontally between the car cab and the car compartment. The boom is placed vertically on the carriage

Product Details

The straight arm crane of the HOWO 4x2 truck mounted crane. is installed between the cab and the carriage. During vehicle operation, take the force from the gearbox in the cab to drive the hydraulic pump to rotate. High pressure oil is supplied to all components, so that the straight arm crane can move in all directions on the truck crane.

HOWO 4X2 truck mounted crane's chassis . has its own characteristics: first, the chassis is specially developed and manufactured for the truck mounted crane according to the characteristics of the truck mounted crane. 2: In addition to carrying goods, the chassis of the truck mounted crane also needs to carry its own weight of 1000-5000 kg. Therefore, the chassis of the truck mounted crane has the characteristics of overload. 3: The chassis of the truck mounted crane is installed on the car. Therefore, the installation space of the chassis must be considered. Especially the small three axle car. Consider the width of the front track. 4: The chassis girder of the truck mounted crane must be reinforced. Generally, girders of 280mm to 300mm are used. The front and rear axles should be enlarged. The front and rear spring plates must be thickened.

HOWO 4X2 truck mounted crane's oil cylinder is large, and the overload capacity of the boom is strong. Have a certain strong bearing capacity,Boom has price advantage, can be customized according to customer needs.

rear of truck mounted crane

Gross weight kg16000
Loading capacity (kg)12000
Curb weight ( kg)8000
EngineModel: WD615.87 290HP EURO II emission standard 4-stroke direct injection diesel engine
Maximum output: 290HP(213KW) at 2500rmp
CabHW70 Standard cab with no sleeper, air conditioner
Left hand drive
TransmissionHW15710, HOWO 10 shifts gearbox
SteeringZF8098, German hydraulic steering with power assistance
Number of axle2
Driving axleHC16, casting axle, strength wheel side reducer ,
rated loading capacity:16T
Front axleHF7, 7 Tons loading capacity
Front/Rear track(mm)2022/1830
Overhang front/rear(mm)1500/2200
Wheel base (mm)4600
Tires12.00-20, tubeless tires, with one spare tire
Approach/departure angle16/15 (°)
Maximum speed(km/h)102
Cargo Box dimension(mm)4540x2300x600,
Side 1.5mm, Floor is 3mm.
Crane modelSQ3.2SK2Q, two-section boom, turning scope 360degree
Elevating capacity of crane3200kg/2.1m, 1800kg/3.365m, 900kg/5.465m, 500kg/7.565m
ColorRed, Yellow, Green, White, Blue
Overall sizes (mm)8,300X2,496x3,048

HOWO 4X2 truck mounted crane's chassis shall be maintained at the local service station according to the after-sales service manual. The upper assembly is the necessary data for the crane operator to operate the equipment according to the product operation and maintenance instructions provided by the manufacturer. Before operating the machine, you must first read the operation and maintenance instructions of the crane, and operate and maintain according to the requirements of the instructions.

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