HOWO Truck With Crane

The truck crane is a kind of transportation device that combines the truck crane and the chassis. It is composed of a lifting arm, a lifting torque, a frame, and a leg. By the amplitude. The form of lifting, revolving, etc. is used to realize the mechanical action of the truck crane. The boom is to change the working radius and lifting height. Swing is the direction in which the lifting is changed. The legs are to increase their stability. Torque is an important part of connecting the boom and the legs of the frame. The fixed slewing bearing of the frame and the components such as the legs and the oil distributor.

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HOWO Truck With Crane also known as the truck-mounted crane truck, is widely used for hoisting and transportation of infrastructure materials and other equipment such as municipal construction, coal mine engineering, and landscaping. The truck crane can be operated from left to right, and can be rotated 360 degrees forward or backward, or rotated in all directions. It adopts military quality production, reliable quality, long service life and fast working speed. Related models are available for 2 tons, 3.2 tons, 4 tons, 5 tons, 6.3 tons, 8 tons, 10 tons, 12 tons and 16 tons cranes.Stright arm or knuckle boom craned are available.

HOWO Truck With Crane:


HOWO 76 cab

Overall dimensions (L x W x H) mm


Carriage Size (L x W x H) mm


Wheel base (mm)


Wheel track (front/rear) (mm)


Approach/Departure angle(°)


Tare Weight




Front axles loading capacity


Rear axles loading capacity


Max. driving speed(km/h)





HW19710, 10 forwards gear & 2 reverse gear





Fuel tank



Reinforced diaphragm clutch, diameter 430 mm

Max lift capacity14000 kg

Max working radius 15.8 m

Max lifting height : 17.8 m

HOWO crane truck

truck crane

When the HOWO Truck With Crane is hoisted, the power transmitted from the engine is transmitted to the crane throught the power take-off, and the crane is controlled by the operating mechanism to realize the lifting, turning and lifring of the cargo; By winding the wire rope, and then passing the fixed pulley and the moving pulley to change the moving direction and reduce the running speed, the hook is used to lift and drop the cargo to realize the vertical movement of the cargo; The rotation of the pedestal drives the boom to rotate, thereby acheving horizontal movement of the cargo; Through the control of the hydraulic mechanism, the extension and shortening of the boomcan be adjusted, thereby changing the working radius of the truck crane, and then changing the elevation angle of the crane to change the lifting heigh limit of the cargo.

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