HOWO T7H 6X2 Winspan Truck

Wingspan Trucks have high unloading efficiency, and are rain, dust, and corrosion resistant!

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HOWO T7H 6X2 Winspan Truck

Wingspan car is an improvement of ordinary vans. It is a special vehicle that can open the wings on both sides of the car by power springs, manual devices or hydraulic devices. The top and front doors of the car have the same structure as iron corrugated vans. It consists of a flip board, an upper board, and a lower board. Because of its advantages such as fast loading and unloading, high efficiency, and side loading and unloading, it has become a very popular transportation tool for modern logistics enterprises. It has become the best choice for transportation of large logistics companies. Due to the large number of lightweight new materials used in the Wingspan car series in recent years, the weight of the carriages has been reduced, coupled with the beautiful design of the carriages, and the safety and reliability of cargo transportation. To have a role to play.


1.Specification of HOWO T7H 6X2 Winspan Truck

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3.Our Advantages

(1)Competitive Factory Price and Excellent Quality

(2)More than 20 years' experience as a manufacturer

(3)Products Quality Certification SGS CCC ISO

(4)Perfect after-sale service

(5)Customized products available with us

(6)Export to more than 50 countries and regions

5.Usage of the HOWO T7H 6X2 Winspan Truck

If you have factory goods to transport or do logistics, this truck is a good choice. If you often go out to perform, it is also a good choice. Of course, it is best to make a food truck.

6.If need more details pls contact us!


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