HOWO Wingspan Truck

Howo Winspan Cargo Truck Driving Form:8X4 6X4 6X2 Color:Optional. application:The car is mainly used for transportation and distribution of auto parts, paper, home appliances, clothing, chemicals, beverages, food and other items. Advantages: rain, dust, sun, anti-theft, and corrosion resistance. The tightness of this car is suitable for fast loading and unloading of machinery, fast speed, high efficiency, saving time and labor.

Product Details

HOWO Wingspan Truck

The Wingspan car is an improvement over regular vans. This is a special vehicle that can open wings on both sides of the cabin by powered springs, manual devices or hydraulic devices. The side panels of the two wings of the car can be raised and lowered by 90 °, so that both sides are completely open, which greatly facilitates loading and unloading of goods. The double rear doors can also be opened 270 degrees. It consists of a flip board, an upper board and a lower board. Because it has the advantages of fast loading and unloading, high efficiency, and side loading and unloading, it has become a very popular transportation tool for modern logistics enterprises. It has become the best choice for transportation of large logistics companies. Thanks to a large number of lightweight new materials used in the Wingspan car series in recent years, the weight of the frame has been reduced, coupled with the beautiful design of the frame, safe and reliable cargo transportation.

Van Truck Cargo

The car body and the chassis are connected to form a complete vehicle through a connecting bolt between the main frame and the auxiliary frame. The special car body is a metal overall skeleton type, which is composed of several parts, such as the top plate, front plate, side plate, bottom plate, rear door assembly, door frame, and underframe (sub-frame). The fire layer of each plate is filled with flame retardant insulation material. The exterior of the cabin is equipped with decorative parts such as aluminum alloy profile columns, guard plates, and stainless steel corner wraps; a certain number of horizontal rings are installed in the cabin to facilitate cargo fixing; it is divided into integral van two-wing vehicles, semi-hanging two-wing vehicle models, modified Various functional special vehicles are highly mobile, easy to move, and can be used to a large extent after being deployed, and can be quickly unfolded and retracted. The interior space is large and comfortable, and the material of the car body has thermal insulation properties. Good, good impact resistance and toughness, corrosion resistance, rain resistance, impermeability, wind and sand resistance, internal and external tidy can greatly improve the adaptability to the needs of various wild environments, this model will become the most concerned and most widely used in the 21st century special function vehicles Developing products.

Vegetable Transport Truck

Technical Parameters  (Configuration can be changed as required)


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