HOWO Wingspan Van Cargo Truck

Wingspan Truck: is an improvement of ordinary van. Through power spring, manual device or hydraulic device, it is a special vehicle that can open the two flanks of the truck. The roof, front plate and back door structure of the truck are the same as the iron corrugated van. Due to its advantages such as fast loading and unloading speed, high efficiency and side loading and unloading, it has become a popular means of transportation for modern logistics. In recent years, a large number of lightweight new materials have been applied in wingspan truck serious, which reduces the self-weight of the carriages. In addition, the carriages are beautiful in design and safe and reliable in cargo transportation. It is expected that they will take a place in the high-end logistics transportation market.

Product Details

Wingspan truck loading and unloading cargo convenient, save time and effort. Wing open van transport vehicle, also known as wingspan truck, biplane truck, flying wing truck, two wing truck, anhui wingspan truck, is an improvement of the ordinary van, through the hydraulic power device can open the truck two wings and double door special vehicle.

Customers can re-select according to the cargo thickening anti-slide plate, flat plate and small beam clearance size. The front face of the flying wing truck is made of cold-rolled steel plate self-bending corrugated board. The main reason for the adoption of corrugated board is that the oncoming wind resistance is relatively large when the vehicle is running at high speed. The special interval wind guide groove of corrugated board decomposes and disperses the wind resistance, effectively ensuring the invisible fuel consumption cost of the vehicle and high-speed operation.

Product Description:


HW79 Cab with double sleepers , air conditioner, with large storage warehouse,
with great liquid crystal display VDO instrument and the CAN bus German
VDO electronic controlled system,
all the instruments are the numerical control synchronous motor controlled,
all the road use trucks are four-point support fully floating suspension+shock
absorbers with transverse stabilizer,
both the drive seat and the co-driver seat have the double locking organization
safety belts, exterior sun visor, inner side sun shield,
electronic glasses and electronic rear view mirror(with heating system),
electronic lifting system of the cab, electronically hand throttle,
VDO sound system(CD with USB interface), the volume and the channel
can be chosen through the steering wheel,
the alarming system of the alternator when there is something wrong
Left Hand Drive Model cabin


WD615.69, EURO II emission, 336HP


HW19710 SINOTRUK aluminum 10 forward& 2 reverse manual transmission,
with over gear

Driving axle

HC16 road transportation double driving axles, with single reduction
Ratio: 5.73

Front axle

HF9 Off road use HOWO new 7 tonnage front axle, with drum brakes

Axle loading capacity kg

9000/18000(two parallel axle)


German ZF8098 steering and ZF steering oil pump, system pressure 180MPa,
keep pace with the world,
efficiently reduce the operation force, highly improve the stability of the system.


12.00R20 Steel tires
Number of tires: 10+1(spare tire)
Option: 12.00-20 bias tire

Maximum speed km/h


Numbers of the spring plate


Track Front/Rear mm

2022,2041/ 1830/1830

Approach/Departure angle




Whole dimension mm


Braking system

Service brake: dual circuit compressed air brake
Parking brake (emergency brake): spring energy, compressed air operating on rear wheels
Auxiliary brake: engine exhaust brake

wings truck

wingspan truck

cargo truck


wingspan cargo truck

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