6x4 25ton Wrecker Truck

The chassis is equipped with a high-power engine, which makes the vehicle more powerful; the use of advanced deceleration load-bearing bridges has stronger bearing capacity and better passability. The maximum lifting weight and maximum lifting height of the bodywork have been well received by customers.

Product Details

Wrecker truck it is equipped with a variety of operating attachments, with a variety of functions such as support, lifting, towing, and dragging. It is fast, convenient, safe, and reliable, and is suitable for rollover and roll-down Cleaning of large vehicles into the ditch or off the road.Hydraulic winch has been widely used in wreckers, it is an important functional part, often used for lifting and towing operations. Hydraulic winch has many specifications from light to heavy. Commonly used hydraulic winches are worm gear and planet There are two types of gear reduction. The winch is driven by a hydraulic motor. The purpose of speed reduction and increase output torque is achieved by the reduction device, so as to achieve the relatively heavy load traction ability of the winch. The worm gear type hydraulic winch has a relatively simple structure, easy manufacturing and transmission. The efficiency and production cost are relatively low, generally used for medium and light hydraulic winches, while the planetary wheel type hydraulic winch has a relatively complicated structure, a large transmission ratio, and relatively high transmission efficiency and production costs. It is generally used for medium and heavy hydraulic winches.

25 ton wrecker truck


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