4x2 Flatbed Wrecker Trucks

The full name of the wrecker is a road wrecker, also known as a trailer, road rescue vehicle, and tow truck. It has many functions such as lifting, pulling, and jacking. The wrecker is mainly used for road fault vehicles and urban illegal vehicles. And emergency rescue. The wreckers are mainly divided into the following categories: towing connected type, towing separation type, one towing one type, flat one towing two type, multifunctional wrecker, hydraulic automatic clamping type.

Product Details

Description of the 4x2 Flatbed Wrecker Trucks

Tonnage division

According to traction tonnage: 2 tons, 3 tons, 5 tons, 8 tons, 10 tons, 15 tons, 25 tons, 30 tons, 50 tons, 60 tons.

Chassis division

JAC wrecker, Isuzu wrecker, Dongfeng Xiaoba Wang flat wrecker, Dongfeng Dolicato crane wrecker, Dongfeng flat road wrecker, Hongyan heavy wrecker, Steyr heavy wrecker, Flat wrecker, Iveco wrecker.

Ability division

Light, medium and super heavy. Light duty wreckers are used for light-duty trucks, minibuses, and passenger cars. Medium-heavy duty wreckers are used for medium-heavy-duty trucks, large and medium-sized passenger cars, and super-heavy-duty wreckers are used for heavy-duty trucks Goods vehicles and super heavy semi-trailers.

Chassis for Chariots: Dongfeng Xiaoba One Drag and One Rescue Vehicle, Dongfeng Dorica Detachment Vehicle, JAC Detachment Vehicle, Isuzu Flat Rescue Vehicle, Dongfeng 153 One Tow and One Rescue Vehicle, Steyr Large Destruction Vehicle , Dongfeng Tianlong eight-wheel large rescue vehicle.

specific purpose

4x2 Flatbed Wrecker Trucks are special vehicles equipped with road rescue equipment. As cars drive on the road, failures and accidents are inevitable, especially on high-grade highways, which often occur. The task of the wrecker is to tow the faulty or accident vehicle away from the scene in time to ensure the unobstructed road. Therefore, road wreckers are also called road rescue vehicles. With the increase of high-grade roads and vehicles in use, wreckers have also been developed.

Use of wreckers: mainly used for road breakdown vehicles, urban illegal vehicles and emergency rescue.


The support arm and the suspension arm of the wrecker are all made of high-strength steel plate and formed by bending. Carbon dioxide automatic protective welding allows only two welds, with few welds, small deformation, high accuracy and strength, and has been tested by ultrasonic welds. Welding trucks use carbon dioxide shielded welding and argon arc welding. Welding seams are longer than 300mm. Automatic seam welding is used to make the weld surface smooth and beautiful.

wrecker service

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