8X4 60 Tons 371HP Wrecker Towing Truck

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Wrecker truck is mainly composed of chassis, lifting device, lift traction device, hydraulic system, electric control system, vehicle and toolbox etc., with lifting, pulling and lifting traction and other functions, suitable for highway, city road wrecker operation.

The use of wrecker truck is a special engineering vehicle designed to ensure smooth roads. It is an important equipment for traffic management in busy urban areas and highways. It can quickly, timely and safely remove accidents, faults, illegal vehicles and special vehicles for road traffic.

First, according to the structural type, the wrecker can be generally divided into four main categories, namely, the lifting and separating type wrecker, the supporting and hanging body type wrecker, the flat type wrecker, and the ordinary type. Among them, the lifting and separating type wrecker includes two types: the boom rotary wrecker and the non rotating wrecker.

Second, people often say that the 3 ton wrecker, 5 ton wrecker, 8 tons, 20 tons of wrecker wrecker and specifications of the wrecker, actually refers to the carrying capacity of the wrecker used chassis level. It has a certain relationship with the total quality of the towed vehicle, but there is no necessary connection. The larger the tonnage, the larger the capacity of the wrecker.

Third, when the wrecker is cleared away from the scene of the vehicle being towed (towed), it usually adopts two methods of supporting and dragging. The pulling is to lift the supporting car by pulling the supporting arm of the wrecker. Towing is often called hard drag, that is, the use of wrecker will be trailers hard connection traction.

Troubleshooting in the use of the Wrecker Truck

Serial number
Fault phenomenon
Fault cause
Exclusion method
1 Variable amplitude cylinder automatic retraction

1.The fault of the oil cylinder itself

2.Balance valve failure

1 check processing

2.disassemble and clean, replace damaged components

2 Leg retractive failure
Bidirectional hydraulic lock failure
Check, repair two-way hydraulic lock
3 Automatic retraction of leg when lifting weight

1.One-way in bidirectional hydraulic lock

2.Poor valve sealing

3.Cylinder oil leak

1.Repair of One-way Valve in Two-way hydraulic Lock

2.Repair and repair of sealing elements on cylinder Piston

4 Hydraulic oil leakage

1.Seal damage

2.There is a fault in the pipe connection

3.Pipe damage

1.Replacement of seal

2.Tighten or replace joints

3.Replacement pipe

5 Poor electrification of rotary joint

1.Bad contact between brush and slip ring

2.Open welding at the joint of wire


2.Repair of wiring joints

Sinotruk Howo road wrecker truck Description

The total mass (kg)


Curb Weight (Kg)


Rated Load(Kg)

Chassis Model


Approach / departure angle (°)


Front overhang / rear overhang


Dimensions (mm)


Compartment dimension (mm)

The total mass of trailer (kg)

Axle load

6500/7000/17500(biaxial load)

Number of axes


Maximum speed


Tire Specifications

11.00-20,12.00-20 16PR,
11.00R20,12.00R20 16PR

Number of tires


Front track


Rear track




Number of spring


Emission standards

Euro 3

Type of fuel


Engine Model

Engine Manufacturer

Engine displacement

Engine power


China Heavy duty

9726 (ml)

247 (kw)

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