Wrecker Truck Of HOWO

Wrecker Truck of HOWO is also known as trailer, road rescue vehicle and towing vehicle. It has many functions such as lifting, pulling and lifting traction. The clearing vehicle is mainly used for road fault vehicles, urban illegal vehicles and emergency rescue. According to the categories, the obstacle removal vehicles are mainly divided into: Tractor connected type, tractor separated type, one tractor one type, flat plate one tractor two types, multi-functional obstacle removal vehicles, hydraulic automatic clamping type

Product Details

Wrecker Truck of HOWO according to the traction tonnage: 2 tons, 3 tons, 5 tons, 8 tons, 10 tons, 15 tons, 25 tons, 30 tons, 50 tons, 60 tons.By capacity: light, medium and super heavy. The objects of light-duty vehicles are light trucks, minibuses and cars. The objects of medium-sized and heavy-duty vehicles are medium-sized trucks, large and medium-sized buses. The objects of super heavy vehicles are heavy trucks and heavy semi trailers.

HOWO wrecker Truck texture of material:High strength steel plates are used for the boom and crane arm of the clearing car, which are formed by bending. Carbon dioxide automatic protection welding, only two welds are allowed, with few welds, small deformation, high precision and strength, and ultrasonic weld inspection. Carbon dioxide protection welding and argon arc welding are used for the welding of the obstacle removal vehicle. The length of the weld is more than 300 mm, and automatic seam welding is used to make the weld surface smooth and beautiful.


The total mass (kg)


Curb Weight (Kg)


Rated Load(Kg)

Chassis Model


Approach / departure angle (°)


Front overhang / rear overhang


Dimensions (mm)


Compartment dimension (mm)

The total mass of trailer (kg)

Axle load

6500/7000/17500(biaxial load)

Number of axes


Maximum speed


Tire Specifications

11.00-20,12.00-20 16PR,
11.00R20,12.00R20 16PR

Number of tires


Front track


Rear track




Number of spring


Emission standards

Euro 3

Type of fuel


Engine Model

Engine Manufacturer

Engine displacement

Engine power


China Heavy duty

9726 (ml)

247 (kw)

We will customize the most appropriate wrecker trucks according to the needs of customers. With the increasing types and styles of vehicles, the modes of accidents and failures on the road are also changing. Therefore, only by continuously developing safe, practical and efficient operation accessories can we meet the needs of various obstacle removal operations.

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