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SINOTRUK HOWO light truck to create a heavy truck in the light truck world

Mar 25, 2019

There are many trucks in the world of light trucks, whether it is FAW or Dongfeng, or Shacman, Foton, etc. As long as domestic commercial vehicles have light trucks, and there are many brands and series, so that you can be dazzled in choice. Today we want to introduce a light card ------ SINOTRUK HOWO light truck "heavy truck in the light trucks"

Why is this SINOTRUK HOWO a heavy truck in a light truck?

We take the SINOTRUK HOWO 4.2-meter wheelbase truck with the crane as an example: the whole vehicle adopts the heavy-duty luxury cab of the heavy-duty truck, and (you can also choose the semi-cab). The original direction of power, air brake, ABS. Cummins 154 horsepower five engine, Cummins engine is a joint venture with the United States, suitable for road transport, low fuel consumption. Wanliyang 6-speed gearbox, front and rear axles can carry: 2.5 tons of front axle and 7.2 tons of rear axle. Equipped with 9.00 steel wire tires. The 280mm double-layer girders can be loaded with up to 8 tons of cranes, comparable to the 153 chassis.

Generally, the thickness of the bottom plate and wallboard of the cargo box is three sides at the bottom (optional thickening), the beam is 800*600 channel steel, the beam spacing is 25 cm each, and the cargo box column is reinforced with two types of reinforcing channel steel. Welding, to ensure its stability and service life, the overall size of the vehicle is 7750 × 2500 × 3500mm, and the container size is 4805 × 2300 × 600mm.

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