Asphalt Distributor Truck

Asphalt distributor truck refers to a tank type special operation vehicle equipped with heat preservation container, asphalt pump, heater and spraying system for spraying asphalt; it can also be defined as a road construction machinery for spraying hot asphalt, emulsified asphalt, residue and other liquid asphalt; it can be widely used in road, urban road, airport, port, wharf and reservoir and other road construction; large capacity asphalt distributor The cloth car can also be used as the asphalt carrier, which is mainly used in the surface treatment, prime coat, tack coat, mixture mixing, asphalt stabilized soil and other construction and maintenance projects.

Product Details

Asphalt distributor truck is a kind of black pavement construction machinery, which is the main equipment for the construction of roads, urban roads, airports and ports. When asphalt penetration method and asphalt surface treatment method are used to build asphalt pavement or maintain asphalt or residual oil pavement, asphalt distributor can be used to transport and distribute liquid asphalt (including hot asphalt, emulsified asphalt and residual oil). In addition, it can also supply asphalt binder to the loose soil in place for building asphalt stabilized soil pavement or pavement base. When the prime coat, waterproof layer and adhesive layer of the asphalt pavement bottom layer of high-grade highway are constructed, high viscosity modified asphalt, heavy traffic asphalt, modified emulsified asphalt and emulsified asphalt can be sprinkled. It can also be used for asphalt covering and spraying in road maintenance, as well as for the construction of county and township level roads with layered paving technology.

Asphalt distributor truck structure: (1) the asphalt tank is composed of inner tank, thermal insulation material, shell, partition, combustion chamber, asphalt pipe in the tank, heat-transfer oil pipe, air receiver, oil filler, volumeter, decorative plate, etc. (2) The power transmission system is composed of power take-off, pump transmission device, hydraulic system, etc. (3) Asphalt pump and pipeline system is composed of asphalt pump, filter, valve, spraying pipeline and cylinder nozzle components. (4) asphalt heating and heat transfer oil system is composed of combustion heating system and heat transfer oil circulating heating system.(5) The asphalt pipeline cleaning system consists of two parts: diesel cleaning and high pressure air washing. The diesel cleaning part is composed of diesel tank, oil inlet copper ball valve and pipeline, and the high-pressure air cleaning part is composed of air reservoir, one-way valve, air valve, etc. 6) Electrical and control system electrical control system is divided into two parts: DC circuit and AC circuit.


Chassis No:ZZ1257N4641W
Traction type:6X4
Driving type:LHD (RHD is option)
Cabin:HOWO cab HW76 ( flat head, normal-roof, single sleeper, A/C)
Engine model:WD615.69 EURII
Engine type:Diesel 4-stroke direct injection engine, 6-cylinder in-line with water cooling, turbo-charging & intercooling
Displacement:9.726 liters
Max. Output:2200rpm
Max torque:1200NM@1200-1600rpm
Mean Position Speed:9.53m /s
Compression ratio:15.5: 1
Specific fuel consumption:198g /Kwh
Gear box:HW15710
Clutch: Φ430 pull-type diaphragm clutch
Front axle:HOWO Front axle 7t
Rear axle:ST16
Tyre:12.00-20 (rim: 8.5-20)
No of tyre:10+1
Max. Speed (km/h):102
Max. Gradeability(%):28
Kerb. Mass:11000 kg
Total mass:25000kg
Wheel base (mm):4600+1350
Fuel tank(L):400L Tank
Front overhang (mm):1500
Rear overhang (mm):2600
Front track (mm):1958
Rear track (mm):1830
Approach angle:16 degree
Departure angle:15 degree
Dimension (mm):10350x2500x3718mm

Asphalt distributor truck"s design purpose is to evenly distribute the liquid asphalt on the road surface according to the predetermined distribution amount. In the design, the main parameters, including the capacity of asphalt tank, the maximum spraying width, the maximum and minimum spraying amount, the static insulation performance of asphalt tank, are determined first, and then the structure and specification of each upper part are determined.

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