Sinotruk CDW Bucket Truck

With the development of human technology, the development of urban construction and production technology, more and more high-altitude operation demands are generated in social life. High-altitude platforms are born in response to this growing demand. Very early high-altitude platforms are ladders. A variety of ladders meet the general needs of aerial work, but with the development of human living standards, aerial work in the higher and farther range is not capable of the ladder, and the aerial platform equipment is one by one Developed.

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There are many types of Sinotruk CDW bucket truck, such as aerial platforms truck, elevators, vehicle-mounted aerial equipment, and so on. Different aerial platforms truck meet different requirements for aerial operations. The development of high-altitude platforms has also entered a whole new phase.Bucket truck are generally modified by the addition of second-class automobile chassis installations, and are mainly used for electrical maintenance, tree pruning, street lights, communications, traffic police, highways, cable television, shipbuilding, architecture, gardens, advertising, photography, large Enterprises and other industries.

Sinotruk CDW bucket truck

Sinotruk CDW bucket truck 4

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Aerial platforms truck adopt High-strength manganese steel is used as the main load-bearing structural part, with upper and lower arm limit function, double interlock function, engine emergency shutdown and reassembly start function to ensure user safety. Up, middle and down operation, convenient and fast; full-rotation folding arm, flexible maneuvering; with lifting crane, multi-purpose for one Truck; 14-30 meters working height is available for selection, wide range of uses.


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