Sinotruk Cargo Truck For Transportation

Sinotruk Cargo Truck For Transportation China's production of ordinary cargo trucks are widely used around the world to provide users with efficient, reliable, economical and safe production and transportation tools. In mines, construction sites, oil fields, docks, hot African deserts, polar ice dripping, thin world roofs, and rug rug on the winding roads, various kinds of cars produced by various Chinese trucks worldwide. Everywhere.

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Sinotruck Cargo Trucks For Transportation

Choose the model you want, color and Configuration can be set according to your requirements!

Lorry truck

Cargo truck is mainly for items' transportation(such as Bagged cement,vegetables,milk,meat,Live animal,beer and everthing you want to transport to a far place )We can choose the cargo truck according to the items that need to be transported.

1.Classification of Sinotruk Cargo Truck For Transportation:

Van: The structure of the cargo part is a truck that closes the car and is independent of the cab.

Closed truck: The structure of the cargo part is closed and integrated with the cab. The body structure is a one-car truck.

Tank truck: The structure of the cargo part is a truck that closes the tank.

Flatbed truck: The floor of the cargo part is a flat-panel truck without a fence.

Container truck: The cargo part is frame structure and has no floor, which is specially used to transport trucks in the container.

Self-unloading truck: A truck with an automatic dumping device at the cargo location.

Stake truck:A truck refers to a warehouse-type car equipped with a cage-type or fence-type structure, and a grille or a fence is installed at a certain distance to transport articles.

Below we mainly introduce the stake truck

The standard of the warehouse-type transport truck is called the stake fence transport vehicle. The carriage is designed in the exterior shape, and the design is beautiful, the internal structure is reasonable, and the technology is advanced. The high-quality steel is used as the skeleton, and the welding is strictly in accordance with the industry standard. The fixture is pressed into a corrugated type, which has high strength, and has the characteristics of light weight, half-disassembly of the fence bar, full disassembly and random lifting, convenient and practical, safe and reliable.Sinotruk Cargo Truck For Transportation.

According to the requirements of users, we design and manufacture double-layer fresh live transport vehicles, fruits and vegetables, livestock transport vehicles and so on. It is suitable for the transportation of medium and short-distance roads for the majority of users. It can also be used as a general truck. It is developing rapidly in the highly developed road transportation industry, especially the modern logistics industry. Warehouse-type transport vehicles will be quickly promoted and popularized. It is an economical product developed by the city and inter-city logistics transportation market.Sinotruk Cargo Truck For Transportation.

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2.Our main products

Our main products include full series products of CNHTC(HOWO,STR,Golden Prince,etc):

buses, trailers,including dump truck, tractor truck, concrete mier truck, sprinkler truck, water/Oil tank truck,truck mounted crane, concrete pump truck.etc, low bed semi-trailer, flatbed semi-trailer,bulk cement semi-trailer, skeleton semi-trailer and spare parts for them.


3.Our advantages

(1)Competitive Factory Price and Excellent Quality

(2)More than 20 years' experience as a manufacturer

(3) Products Quality Certification SGS CCC ISO

(4)Perfect after-sale service

(5)Customized products available with us

(6)Export to more than 50 countries and regions

(7)We also offer sales of various parts for trucks

4.Our company and factory

China Truck International Ltd is one of the main exporters of Chinese trucks which is authorized by Ministry of Commerce.

We have more than 20 years of experience in exporting trucks.

If you want to buy our products, please contact us.

We sincerely hope to cooperate with you to expand market in your country!

trucksIf you need more details of the truck,pls contact me directly.(Nancy:+8618562608309)

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