Howo 6x4 420HP Cargo Truck

Howo 6x4 420HP Cargo Truck Brand:Sinotruk Howo Optional cargo box: rear door, left and right door, fully enclosed, semi-enclosed, warehouse grille. It has the advantages of flexible maneuvering, convenient operation, efficient work, large transportation volume, full use of space, safety and reliability. It is widely applicable to all kinds of goods (food, or other goods) in major factories, supermarkets, and individuals. It is 24/7 and can perform transportation tasks on various intercity highways as well as in urban areas.

Product Details

Howo 6x4 420HP Cargo Truck


1.Technical parameters of Howo 6x4 420HP Cargo Truck


HOWO 6x4 420HP Cargo Truck ZZ1257N5847D1

Gross weight (kg )


Loading Capacity





Diesel: 4-stroke direct injection diesel engine

Model: D12.42 420HP EURO II emission standard, 6-cylinder in-line with water cooling, turbo-charging and inter-cooler

Bore x Stoke: 126mm x 155mm

Displacement: 11.596L

Fuel: Diesel



HW76, up/down and front/back adjustable steering wheel,new European style whole heating and ventilating system,

with electronic controlled model,

with four points suspension & absorber

and stabilizer equipment, all the truck with the double-locking safety belts and outside sun visor.With AC.

Left Hand Drive Model(LHD)


HW19710, SINOTRUK 10 forward & 2 reverse manual gearbox

Ratio of Every GearTorque(Nm)Rated Speed(rpm)Weight(kg)Oil Capacity(L)1st2nd3rd4th5th6th7th8th9th10thR1R214.2810.627.87 5.87 4.383.26 2.43 1.81.34 1.0013.91 3.18 1900 2600 363 12


Steering Gear

ZF8198, German ZF hydraulic steering with power assistance



Single plate φ430 diaphragm spring clutch

Number of axle



Front axle  



HF7  STEYR/HOWO drum brake front axle, axle loading capacity is 7000kg


Driving axle


ST16    Rated loading capacity:16T  (Central deceleration + wheel deceleration, steel plate stamping and welding axle housing)


Front/Rear track(mm)


Overhang front/rear(mm)


Wheel base (mm)



12.00R24 ,10+1(spare tyre)

Approach/departure angle


Maximum speed(km/h)


Fuel Tank

400L+1600L extra fuel tank

Cargo box dimension



front and rear leaf spring suspension+shock absorber+transverse stabilizer

Electrical System

Voltage: 24V

Batteries: 2x12V 165Ah

Starter: 24V, 5.5KW

Alternator: 28V/80A

Braking System

Service brake: Dual-circuit air brake

Parking brake: Spring brakes on rear axle

Auxiliary brake: Exhaust valve braking(EVB)


Standard: red, yellow, green, white, blue, black

Optional: others you liked

Overall Dimension


2.Cargo truck Category:

Common van models include single-row mini-cars, soft-box vans, side-opening vans, and large container vehicles.

Classified by brand: Dongfeng box truck, Jiefang box truck, Isuzu box truck, JAC box truck, Jiangling box truck, Futian box truck.

Classified according to the shape: single-axle box truck, double-bridge box truck, flat-head box truck, pointed box truck.

Classified according to use: barn-type transporter, van.

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5.Shipping and packing and our service

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