Light 3ton Dump Truck

The light duty dump truck is especially suitable for the transportation of large capacity coal, sand and stone materials in efficient highway.

Product Details

Light 3ton dump truck is a truck whose carriage is equipped with a dump device.Also known as dump truck, engineering truck, by the car chassis, hydraulic lifting mechanism, take force device and cargo truck.In civil engineering, it often works together with excavators, loaders and belt conveyors to form loading, transporting and unloading production lines of loading, unloading and transporting earth, sand and loose materials.Since the loading carriage can automatically tip over at a certain Angle to discharge materials, it greatly saves the unloading time and labor, shortens the transportation cycle, improves the production efficiency, reduces the transportation cost, and indicates the loading capacity.It is a common transport machine.

Light 3ton Dump Truck:


YN4100QB-2, 4 cylinders in line, naturally aspirated, Euro-2 emission, 90 Hp

Gear Box

145F, 5 forwards & 1 reverse


7.50R16×7, rear axle with double tires


1760 Extended cabin, A/C, Radio FM with USB, 420mm steering wheel


3000 mm


Dual circuit compressed air brake





Body Dimension


Overall Dimension

5550×2100×2400 mm

Chassis Section

200×8-800 mm

Lifting System

Twin-plunger straight propping up hydraulic System 90×70 mm


Power steering


Exhaust brake, Clutch booster

light duty dump truck

light duty dump bodies

In civil engineering,Light 3ton Dump Truck is often used in joint operations with excavators, loaders, belt conveyors and other construction machinery to form loading, transporting and unloading production lines for loading, unloading and transportation of earth, sand and loose materials.

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