HOWO 4x2 Light Garbage Truck

People cannot live without sanitation garbage trucks, especially for cities. In densely populated cities, the amount of garbage generated every day is large, but the land is limited, so the disposal of garbage becomes a very serious problem.Improper disposal of garbage will bring serious pollution to the environment, such as the ground pollution caused by waste water leakage liquid, will make the road stink to the sky, so to solve this phenomenon becomes more important, we must find ways to increase the volume of sewage tank, sewage collection and disposal.

Product Details

Garbage truck is mainly used for municipal sanitation and large factories and mines to transport all kinds of garbage, especially for the transportation of residential garbage.The birth and development of garbage truck is a great invention and creation for human society, especially for cities.The urban population is concentrated, the amount of garbage produced every day is large, and the urban land is limited, the timely disposal of garbage is a big problem.The appearance of garbage truck can help the sanitation workers to clean up the garbage in time, and it is possible to turn the garbage into treasure on site, greatly reducing the intensity of the sanitation workers' work, but also to alleviate the problem of urban garbage.Garbage truck development can not only solve the problem of urban garbage, relieve the pressure of sanitation workers.

Overall dimension(L*W*H)6850*2050*2750mm
Compressed tank6 m3
Rated Loading capacity63,50 kg
Gross weight82,75 kg
Front axleLoading capacity: 2,700kg
Rear axleLoading capacity: 5,500kg
Wheel Base3800 mm
Front/rear suspension1150/2400 mm
Approach/departure angle20/12 (°)
TransmissionSix Forward & one reverse.
Tyre size & number7.50-16, with one spare tyre
Max speed100 km/h
EngineModel :YN4102
Engine TypeDiesel,Vertical in-line, water-cooled, four stroke, electronically controlled high pressure common rail
Horse power120hp
EmissionEuro 3
ThicknessSide: 4 mm ; Bottom: 5 mm
MaterialCarbon steel,inner epoxy anticorrosive
FunctionSeal garbage truck is formed of garbage box, hydraulic system, operation system.
Sewage will be put into totally the sewage box during self-compress and self-dump. With one Bucket

garbage bin

The birth of garbage truck is also the birth of a new industry, which drives the development of surrounding industries, increases people's employment opportunities, relieves social employment pressure, and finally achieves a goal of promoting economic development.