Sino 4X2 Warehouse Gate Stake Cargo Truck/Light Cargo Trucks

HOWO light duty stake truck or called fence truck, loading capacity can range from 3ton to 10 tons, left hand drive and right hand drive both are available,SINOTRUK light duty truck is very popular in China and aboard, strong and low maintenance.

Product Details

The fence of the stake truck can be lifted, half-split, fully disassembled, practical, safe and reliable. It is suitable for long-distance and short-distance road transportation for all kinds of users. HOWO light duty Stake truck can also be used for ordinary trucks. Nowadays, the road transport industry is highly developed, especially the rapid development of the modern logistics industry. The warehouse grid car will be quickly promoted and popularized. It is an economical product developed by the city and international logistics transportation market.

1. Technical Parameters  

Model ZZ1107G451CD1
Cabin 2080mm extended cab, 3 seats 1 sleeper, with A/C
Engine CUMMINS, ISF3.8S3154, diesel 4-cylinder, 115KW, 154PS, 3760cc, Euro-3
Gear Box WLY6T53, Manual 6F+1R
Front axle 2.7T drum
Rear axle 7.2T drum, ratio 4.875
FrameSingle-layer, height 215mm
Suspension 9/12+9B
Service brake Dual circuit compressed air brake
Tire 8.25R16, 6+1pcs
Fuel tank 220L
Axle base 4500mm
Dropside Body Inner Size 5800*2300*2300mm
Overall dimension  8000*2498*3400
Curb weight 5095kg
Loading capacity 8~10tons
Color White, Sapphire blue, Ruby red, Intl black, Intl gold, others
Configurations Air conditioner, Power steering, Clutch booster, Spring brake, Exhaust brake, Electric heater

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