HOWO Road Water Truck

Light water tanker truck use river ditch, pond as water, pay attention to the end of the suction pipe all submerged in the water.

Product Details

HOWO Road Water Truck head in front of the water tanker truck is low, close to the ground, and the spraying pressure is large, which can be used to wash the road;The rear sprinkler head is in a higher position (the rear sprinkler head of the sprinkler car is generally installed with one on each side), and the sprinkling water surface is wide, which can be used for sprinkling in highway construction. When using the rear sprinkler head, the front nozzle should be closed;When using adjustable sprinkler head, sprinkler width can be adjusted as needed.The wider the sprinkling width, the less overlap in the middle, the more uniform the sprinkling density.

Product description:

ModelHOWO Road Water Truck
Gross weight1985 kg
Curb weight2315 kg
EngineYN4102, 116HP, Euro 2 emission
Fuel: Diesel
1880 A row and a half, 3 sets
Right hand drive
Front axle2T
Rear axle3.5T
Number of axle2
Overhang front/rear(mm)1160/1475
Wheel base (mm)3360
Approach/departure angle20/18 (°)
Max. speed(km/h)90
Van size (mm)3cbm
Suspensionleaf springs, 11/9+7H
Steeringhydraulic operation with power assistance
Overall Dimension(L X W X H mm)6000 x 2200 x 2500
OptionsElectrical tilting cab
MTCO tachographs


HOWO Road Water Truck is mainly used for road surface washing in large and medium-sized cities, trees, green belt, lawn greening, road, factory and mining enterprises construction, high building washing.With sprinkling, dust pressure, high, low level spraying, pesticide spraying, guardrail washing and other functions, but also with water, drainage, emergency fire and other functions.

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