5CBM Used Suction Sewage Truck

The sewage suction pump commonly used in the sewage suction truck is a water circulation vacuum pump. This form has the advantages of low cost, large suction power, and long-term operation.

Product Details

Winter maintenance of the special part of the suction truck 1. Maintenance of the water ring pump: The bearings and rotors are regularly greased. The water in the water ring pump tank is drained and cleaned regularly to prevent rust and scale from entering the water ring pump and causing damage to the pump body. If the weather cools and the temperature is lower than 0 °, the water in the water ring pump system and the water tank must be emptied to prevent the water from freezing and cracking and damaging the water tank and pump body. Check the water ring pump belt for aging or cracking, and replace it in time. Keep the paint of the tank body clean and clean, reduce the corrosion of the tank surface by the sewage, and extend the life of the tank. Add butter to the lifting tank and the cylinder at the backstage regularly to reduce wear and tear, make the lifting and opening process smoother, and extend the service life of the cylinder. Check the amount of hydraulic oil regularly, and replenish it in time when it is insufficient. Regularly replace the hydraulic oil. Regularly check the air pipe, water pipe and oil pipe. If there is any damage or leakage, plug or replace it in time. Special attention: The water ring vacuum pump used in the water suction pump vacuum suction truck may freeze when the temperature drops below 0 °. Therefore, when the vacuum suction truck operation is completed, the Drain the water to prevent it from freezing. An increase in the volume of frozen water may cause the pump body to crack. And the water freezes and freezes the rotor of the water ring pump. If it is not found, forcibly using it during operation may cause the rotor to rupture and even damage the power take-off and the remote box.


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