HOWO Suction Sewage Truck

HOWO suction sewage truck Modified by the second-class automobile chassis, it has the function of absorbing, side-by-side storage and transportation of feces, sewage, mud and other liquids with a water content of more than 85%, advanced product design, reasonable structure, large tank capacity, and fast working speed. Easy and fast operation, can be widely used in environmental sanitation, municipal administration and other departments.

Product Details

HOWO suction sewage truck is mainly composed of the second-class automobile chassis, power transmission device, vacuum pump, water-gas separator, gas rough separator, oil and gas separator, and manure discharge port. At work, the vacuum pump is connected to the tank through a pipeline. When the four-way valve is turned to the suction position, the vacuum pump extracts the air in the tank, and the fecal fluid is sucked into the tank through the suction pipe of the suction pipe assembly, thereby realizing vacuum suction. Turn the four-way valve to the exhaust position, the vacuum pump draws air into the tank, the air pressure in the tank is greater than the air pressure outside the tank, and the manure in the tank is discharged through the pipe of the boom assembly.

HOWO suction sewage truck operation steps during suction: park the vehicle at the work place, turn the four-way valve to the suction position, insert the suction pipe into the stool, then start the car, step on the clutch pedal, put the transmission in neutral, press The valve handle and power take-off gear drive the vacuum pump to run and control the engine speed. When the vacuum gauge shows 0.02MPa, the fecal fluid is sucked into the tank. Observe the liquid level indicator on the left side of the tank. When the liquid level reaches the specified height, step down the clutch pedal quickly to make the power take-off neutral, and then lift the straw and put it under the pedal.

HOWO suction sewage truck operation steps during discharge: (1) Pressure discharge: Park the vehicle at the work place and turn the four-way valve to the discharge position. The other operations are the same as above. At this time, the vacuum is not displayed until the fecal fluid is discharged. (2) Gravity discharge: Park the tail of the vehicle at the septic tank, open the sewage outlet at the rear of the tank, and the fecal liquid flows out from the sewage outlet. After the discharge is completed, flush the valve and close the valve.

howo suction truck

Sewage Suction Vacuum Truck Technical Specification
Product NameSino howo
Chassis ModelZZ1250
Fuel typeDiesel
Emission StandardEuro 2
Whole Vehicle
main dimensions (mm)
Overall dimensions (LxWxH)9500*2400*3300
Wheel baseoptional
Min. ground clearance480
Weight data (kg)G. V. W25000
Curb weight1200
Max payload16000
Whole vehicle
main performance
Max. speed (km/h)95
Max. slope of climb (%)30

ModelWD615 47
Maximum power336HP
Number of cylinders6
Displacement (ml)9.726
Gear boxModel9
Number of gears9 forward gears &1 reverse
AxleFront Load capacity (ton)7
Rear Load capacity (ton)18
Steering Wheelleft/right hand driveLHD, RHD
Brake systemService brakeAir braking
Electric deviceRated voltage24V
10.00-20& 6+1
Sewage Suction Vacuum Truck Special Tank Description
Material: high quality carbon steel
Structure: welding, vacuum tank, Cylindrical
thickness of material6mm

typevacuum pump
rating speed(r/min)500
shaft power(kw)4
featuresLow speed, low fuel consumption, low noise, high vacuum, high efficiency
manufactureHangzhou Weilong Pump Co., Ltd, (Famous in China)
pipe65-100mm suction and discharge pipe
special functionsuction time ≤ 5min,
effective suction range ≥ 8,
max vacuum degree ≤ 15 Kpa,
dump angle ≥ 45
equipmentEquipped with power take off, transmission shaft, fecal tank, pipe network, fecal pipe for observing and cleanout equipment
Time for full suction less than 5min
hydraulic lift and lock discharge cover. sewage tube, vacuum pump, recovery, etc

HOWO suction sewage truck Note: (1) Before using a new car, you should read this manual and the operating instructions of the truck. (2) Check all connecting bolts before use, especially at the drive shaft and vacuum pump.(3) Check whether the oil in the vacuum pump is on the oil level line and pay attention to filling the oil.4) When the vehicle is operating, the vehicle gearbox is set to neutral.(5) Pay attention to the height of the liquid level when sucking to prevent the phenomenon of "cold", so as not to cause pollution and damage to the pipe parts. Once a flu occurs,First clean the parts and install after changing the oil.(6) Before use, check whether the lubricant in the oil separator is in place.(7) When suctioning, pay attention to the indication of the vacuum gauge, and the working vacuum degree should not be greater than 65%, otherwise shut down immediately and check.(8) The vacuum pump should work at 500r / min. Too high or too low will affect the efficiency of the vacuum pump.(9) The vacuum pump must not work for a long time. If the suction tank is still not full for more than 15 minutes when pumping, stop the pump immediately to check the cause.(10) According to the use situation, the dirt in the tank should be flushed every six months.

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