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Truck Mounted Crane of HOWO The truck crane is generally composed of truck chassis, crane accessories, cargo compartment, power take-off device and crane.It is a kind of equipment to lift, rotate and lift goods through hydraulic lifting and expansion system, which is usually assembled on the truck

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Truck Mounted Crane of HOWO in order to ensure the operation and safety of the truck crane and the whole vehicle, the car is equipped with watering functions such as water tank, power machine, sprinkler and water cannon. In addition, the crane arm can be equipped with a high-altitude working bucket, so that the car has many functions such as watering, transporting goods, self loading and unloading goods, and high-altitude work. It is an ideal multi-purpose product. It is suitable for garden, warehouse, railway and other industries. The hanging basket can be used for high altitude operation.

Vehicle mounted crane widely used in municipal construction, coal mine engineering, landscaping and other infrastructure materials and other equipment hoisting and transportation. The crane can be operated from left to right, can rotate 360 degrees forward and backward, and can also rotate in all directions.

Lorry mounted cranes that we have reliable quality, long service life and fast working speed If the technical condition of the power steering system goes bad, the speed of the diesel engine is too low, or the driving belt slips and the speed of the steering pump is not enough, the flow and pressure of the oil will be reduced, and the power assisted effect will be greatly weakened. If the crane needs to make a sharp turn, the driving accident may occur due to heavy steering. Especially when the crane is turning at high speed, if the power steering system is broken, it suddenly fails to help.


Driving type:6x4Model No.:ZZ1257N5847A
Whole Dimention:11963X2496X3750mm(option)Wheel Base:5800mm
Loading weight:30-50 tonMax Speed:75km/h

Engine No:WD615.69Cylinder No:6
Fuel type:DieselEmission:9.726L
Emission standard:Euro IIHorse power:336hp(option)

Gearbox No:HW15710Transmission Type:Manual
Forward:10 speedReverse:2 speed

Front axle:HF9Front axle loading:9000kg
Rear axle:HC16Rear axle loading:16000kg
Tires:12.00-20Tire quantity:10+1

Box dimention:(option)8000x2300x800mm,side wall removable


BrandXCMGMaximum lifting qualityoption:1000KG-16000KG
Rotary angle360┬░All RotationHanging arm formstraight-arm (option) folding arm
Note:Cargo box dimension and crane lifting weight can be done as per customer's request

Truck Mounted Crane during driving, attention shall also be paid to: it is strictly forbidden for the car to slide after the diesel engine is off; when the road is uneven, it is not allowed to drive at high speed; when turning, the speed shall be reduced in advance, and if necessary, the low speed gear shall be changed first to improve the speed of the diesel engine. In addition, when the diesel engine cannot be started, traction starting is not allowed. If there is no other way to start the diesel engine, it shall be carried out on a straight road, and the lower gear shall be engaged and the clutch pedal shall be pressed. When the steering wheel is difficult to rotate when the truck crane transporter needs to turn, the clutch shall be released, so that the power steering system can generate power assistance, so as to ensure the turning of the vehicle Xiang. Pay attention to the change of power steering system at any time to avoid accidents.

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