Car Wrecker Truck

Flat wreckers are mainly used for road fault vehicles, urban illegal vehicles and emergency rescue.

Product Details

The operation scope of the wrecker is more extensive and the business ability is stronger! The resulting economic benefits are better and can be accepted and affirmed by the majority of users! This 10-ton board wrecker can be used for small flat work, for small cars, vans, and large vehicles, such as rear 6x4 vehicles, and even 8x4 objects and semi-trailers Object, which greatly improves the practicality and usability of the vehicle!


The size of the flat plate of the car is 8000 * 2550mm.

The whole truck is composed of a loading platform assembly, a 10P2A integral stamping flat plate, an auxiliary frame assembly, a trailing arm assembly, a two-sided operating mechanism assembly, a hydraulic system, and an electrical system. 3 lights, 10 ton hydraulic winch (45 meters wire rope).

The truck is equipped with: 1 tool box, 1 hand washing box, 2 trolleys (auxiliary wheels), 6 binding straps, 1 pair of L-shaped tire holders, 1 pair of forks, 1 pair of fork holders, and 1 chain hook. 10-ton three-section rear support arm, 1 pair of fork support, 2 pairs of fork.

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