Howo 4X2 Low Bed Wrecker Truck

Howo 4X2 Low Bed Wrecker Truck is used for loading and transporting engineering machinery, excavators, forklifts, harvesters and other engineering machinery. The rear of the truck is equipped with a rear ladder and legs. Suitable for long distance transportation of construction machinery and some non-removable goods.

Product Details

Howo 4X2 Low Bed Wrecker Truck

flatbed tow truck

The specification of Howo 4X2 Low Bed Wrecker Truck





HOWO wrecker truck

Overall dimensions






Curb weight




Wheel base





F/R track base


Approach/departure angle



Max speed



Axle Load



Tire specification

8.25-16 14PR

Number of axles


Engine model


Diesel, 4 Cylinder, direct line, water cooling

Engine performance







Cab passenger


Electric System


Dirve type


Emission standard


● Check before transportation

Before the start of the flatbed transporter, check the basic conditions to see if there are any obstacles around the parking of the flatbed transporter; whether there is any suspicious oil or water stain on the ground where the flatbed transporter is parked; Tire pressure is an important factor affecting the transportation safety of flatbed transporters, because flatbed transporters compress and expand their tires during transportation, the so-called tire deformation, especially when the tire pressure is low and the speed is high. Obviously, when the internal temperature of the tire is abnormally high at this time, the rubber layer may be separated from the cover layer, or the tread rubber may be broken and scattered, which may cause a tire burst and cause a vehicle accident. Therefore, in any case, the flat tire pressure must be guaranteed in the manufacturer's standard. Appropriate tire pressure also has a significant impact on the fuel economy of flatbed trucks. Improper tire pressure will increase the rolling resistance of the flatbed truck tire, thereby increasing the flatbed truck fuel consumption.

flatbed truck

● Maintenance of Howo 4X2 Low Bed Wrecker Truck

Pay attention to the following points for the maintenance of the flatbed transporter

1. The flatbed transporter supercharger must be tightly connected to the intake and exhaust pipes. If there is a leak between the exhaust pipe and the exhaust turbine, the efficiency of the supercharger will be greatly reduced, and the diesel exhaust temperature will rise sharply And damage to the valve and supercharger.

2. Before starting the new engine, the turbocharger and the turbocharger oil filter must be filled with clean oil to ensure that the diesel engine moves together and the turbocharger bearings can be lubricated.

3. Before the diesel engine stops, the flat-bed transporter should run at idle speed for 3-5min to reduce the speed and temperature of the supercharger, and monitor the operating sound of the supercharger. If abnormal is found, stop and check. If the rotor of the turbocharger does not rotate flexibly and there is a stagnation or sound of wear, it must be sent to a qualified service station for repair.

4. After 500h or 30,000km working of the flatbed transporter, the clearance on the turbocharger rotor shaft should be checked, and the dust and carbon deposits on the compressor turbine casing and rotor blades should be removed. At this time, remove the turbocharger from the diesel engine and replace the metal gasket between the turbocharger exhaust pipes. Mechanical methods are not allowed to remove the deposits on the rotor parts. Instead, gasoline or other cleaning fluids used to clean aluminum parts should be used.

5. The lock nut of the turbocharger compressor of the flatbed transporter cannot be disassembled, otherwise the dynamic balance of the turbocharger rotor will be destroyed and the turbocharger will be damaged.

6. Flatbed truck, do not damage or deform the rotating parts of the turbocharger, otherwise it will affect the balance of the flatbed truck turbine. Nor should any rubber seals be damaged.


The use of highly elastic solid tires can enhance the carrying capacity and service life of the trailer and reduce the damage caused by the vehicle's bumping during the driving process. The double suspension type swing bracket can adjust the balance and stability of the flatbed by itself; the pins of each joint part The materials are all made of alloy steel and processed through special treatment; the design is reasonable and the I-beam main beam is used to increase the bearing capacity and improve the stability of the vehicle.

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