Wrecker Tow Truck

The wrecker truck is a special vehicle equipped with road rescue equipment. Faults and accidents are inevitable as the car travels on the road, especially on high-grade roads. The task of the wrecker is to drag the faulty vehicle or the accident vehicle out of the scene in time to ensure the...

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3 tons wrecker tow truck for damaged cars: Flat width: 2300mm, length 5300mm, wire rope 25m, winch 4 tons, flat rated load weight 5 tons, rear trailing arm rated drag mass 3.2 tons, flat plate adopts Q235 steel die stamping, high strength. Flat ground height 850 belt There are two warning lights, two auxiliary wheels, four straps, and two forks. The chassis adopts China National Heavy Duty Truck HOWO chassis wheelbase 3800 engine: CY4102-E3C large cylinder length 3100 stroke 2700, (unit price 3800) flat lift cylinder length: 800mm, stroke 580mm, rear support cylinder length :640mm, stroke 280mm, rear trailing arm cylinder length 1450mm, stroke 980mm.


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