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Batch Delivery Of Sinotruk Sprinkler And Put Into The Market

Aug 01, 2018

Traffic ceremony scene. In the operation of clean energy sprinkler. The clean energy sprinkler of Chongqing heavy duty truck is officially delivered to the Changqing Urban Management Bureau. The external scene of the factory.
In July 11th, the 10 clean energy sprinklers developed by China heavy steam group Ji'nan Special Vehicle Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "the heavy steam turbine") were formally delivered to the Changqing City Administration Bureau, which indicates that the clean energy vehicles with emphasis on the economy of the economy in Ji'nan will open a new journey in the Ji'nan market. Before delivery, the clean energy sprinklers made in the TSI have been delivered to Shanxi, Henan and other places. The users praised the intelligence of the vehicles, the automation of control, the comfort of the ride, and the environmental protection of the emission.
To build the "international heavy steam, intelligent heavy steam, green heavy steam, shared heavy steam", it combines production, operation, enterprise development and environmental protection, in order to fulfill the responsibility of the main body of the enterprise environmental protection, and strictly implement the environmental protection requirements. In the eyes of Chen Yanbo, Secretary of the Party Committee and chairman of the Chongqing Automobile Economic and Social Commission, the company can be described as the explorer of environmental protection technology and the guardian of "blue sky and white clouds". In 2017, the investment of about 9000000 yuan in Ji'nan industrial enterprises was the first to complete the exhaust emission control and special inspection and acceptance in Ji'nan industrial enterprises, and became the first enterprise to complete the work in China.
Promoting the new leaping of environmental technology
In recent years, the technical transformation of the Institute of environmental protection is dazzling. In response to the new laws and regulations, they have completed the "self acceptance of the construction project assessment", received the approval from the municipal environmental protection department and realized the new leapfrog of clean energy vehicles. Chen Yanbo laughs. Opportunities are reserved for those who are prepared.
In response to the national call, the disposal methods of activated carbon adsorption and two times combustion are used to improve the disposal efficiency of the exhaust gas and reduce the emission of pollutants. The integral shot blasting equipment and dust disposal equipment of the tank can eliminate the unorganized emissions and pollution of the dust.
Heighten the exhaust pipe of painting workshop and adopt UV catalytic oxidation advanced technology to transform the paint waste gas treatment system. Over the past few years, more than 10 million yuan has been invested in environmental protection renovation, sewage treatment facilities and the treatment and reuse of production wastewater such as painting wastewater. At the same time, the plasma equipment dedusting and transformation of plasma equipment is carried out, and the exhaust dust removal device of the welding line is installed to further improve the production environment, and through the production line, the level and quality technical transformation and upgrading of the production line and the on-site acceptance of the environmental protection for the completion of the relocation project are successfully completed.
In addition to the promotion of environmental protection technology, in 2016, the Institute also focused on the elimination and transformation of some dust blasting machines, cutting machines, and other old and old equipment and facilities, and reformed the air duct of the painting room of the coating division to reduce the production of pollutants and hazardous waste.
"In order to effectively protect the environment, we should also strengthen the management of our own economic development behavior." Chen Yanbo said that the Institute has organized a number of environmental protection and self-examination to accurately grasp the environmental problems existing in the enterprise, especially in the "big study, large research, great improvement", and the management personnel to search for environmental protection problems. In view of the existing problems, the Institute has the initiative to connect with the environmental protection department, understand the policies and laws and regulations and advanced technology, scientific planning, serious transformation, to ensure that enterprises meet the environmental requirements.
Chen Yanbo said that it is a technical preparation to recognize the direction of the development of the industry. When the market environment comes at the time of the time, it will seize the opportunity to achieve the development of the enterprise. At present, China Heavy Auto Economic College is relying on China Heavy Auto Group's new energy vehicles to develop new energy city sanitation vehicles, to achieve new leaps and bounds.
Management mechanism guarantee the implementation of environmental protection
In order to ensure the implementation of various environmental protection measures, the blue sky and blue water of the spring city are more and more. In this battle of environmental protection, the Institute of heavy duty economy will further promote the implementation of environmental protection by setting up environmental awareness and building management mechanism.
No rule, no Cheng Fangyuan. The perfect environmental management system and management system is an important link to ensure the rapid, healthy and green development of enterprises. The establishment of the environmental protection management system and the establishment of a responsibility system for environmental protection have passed the ISO14000 environmental certification. With the aim of "prevention mainly, combination of prevention and control, comprehensive management", the environmental protection emergency response plan and environmental account are set up in the Institute of environmental protection, equipped with environmental protection personnel, and daily supervision of energy consumption, waste discharge and environmental technology implementation. At the same time, the internal audit of the environmental system should be carried out regularly, so as to ensure the uninterrupted internal inspection, timely control and rectification, and a series of systems have been implemented. Chen Yanbo said: "the construction and operation of the environmental protection mechanism effectively safeguards the legal and compliance development of the economic and technical colleges, and the green and low carbon development has now become the consensus of the special people of the economy."
"The application and popularization of energy-saving products to a certain extent also reflect a country's environmental awareness and consumption concept." It vigorously promotes energy saving products, through the implementation of lightweight chassis, high performance chassis engines, lower tires and bearings (loss, and a series of measures to reduce fuel consumption, and in 2017 and June 2018 with the "zero non conformance" results, through the initial audit and annual supervision and audit of the energy-saving product certification factory.
Up to now, CCC has obtained 7 certificates of energy saving products, covering 20 types of products. At the same time, the heavy duty truck company dedicated to the study of clean energy and new energy vehicles, with 5 announcements of natural gas vehicles. With country six