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SINOTRUK Has Taken Over Half Of The Country's Sinotruk Export Volume To Create 1 Million 500 Thousand Km Without Major Repair Miracle.

Sep 11, 2018

Jinan, September 10 - China's first heavy vehicle manufacturer, China's largest exporter of heavy trucks, China's most patented automobile enterprises... When it comes to this series of "strength faction" titles, the first time the pedestrians think of it is SINOTRUK. On September 10, the "High Quality Development Look at Shandong - The 14th China Internet Media Shandong Travel" interview group came to China Heavy Auto Group in eastern Jinan. Walking in the 3,500 square meters of the Heavy Truck Museum, it is like personally experiencing the glorious development of China's heavy truck manufacturing industry from scratch, from weak to strong.
On September 10, the 14th China Internet Media Shandong Travel Interview Group came to Jinan East China Heavy Auto Group to interview.
"Yellow River JN150" 8 ton truck design and manufacture in 1960, is China's first heavy-duty vehicle, its birth has completely ended the history of China can not produce heavy-duty vehicles.
First, when we enter the Museum of heavy duty, we first present the theme relief of China heavy duty truck. Reporters of the delegation seemed to hold their breath, following the commentator's voice to feel the relief of the spirit of the "heavy truck": the mountains are the towering mountains of the five mountains, the water is the vigorous mother river Yellow River, the people are simple and enterprising Chinese heavy truck entrepreneurs, reflecting China Heavy Truck's foothold in the land of Qilu. Facing the whole country, we devote ourselves to the national heavy truck business, and build up the belief of the great foundation with courage and wisdom.
"Look, the Yellow River JN150!" How far away from the museum, there was a "knowledgeable" reporter excitedly called up. It was a blue heavy-duty vehicle with a huge front that reminded people of the handsome transformers. According to the staff, the "Yellow River JN150" 8-ton truck was designed and manufactured in 1960, which was the first heavy-duty truck in China. Its birth completely ended the history that China could not produce heavy-duty trucks. The old photograph next to it recorded the scene when the Yellow River JN150 went offline, even after more than half a century, still can feel the excitement and pride at that time.
After enjoying the "grandfather class" automobile in China's heavy-duty automobile industry, the development of heavy-duty automobile seems to be on the high-speed train, showing more and more advanced products and technology. HOWO, Steyr, the Yellow River, Shanta smart truck... A series of successful introduction and independent research and development of the brand, so that heavy truck industry to become the driving form and power coverage of the most comprehensive enterprise. In front of the demolition booth of the HOWO-T7H physical vehicle, huge trucks were dismantled into hundreds of parts for three-dimensional display, and reporters interested in heavy vehicles were so addicted that they kept looking for angles to take photos and videos.
Turning a bend, a yellow Shanta heavy car attracted everyone's attention. Staff told reporters that this is one of the most advanced models of the Heavy Auto Group, can achieve continuous driving 1.5 million kilometers without major repair. This lets the interview group reporter repeatedly praise.
The interview group reporter interviewed in heavy truck.
According to the staff, relying on high-end quality and leading technology, China's heavy truck products are now exported to more than 100 countries and regions around the world, not only to developing countries and regions such as Asia, Africa and Latin America, but also to developed countries, which have initially opened up their markets and ranked first in China's heavy truck industry for 13 consecutive years. . In 2017, China Heavy Truck Co. Ltd. exported 33,000 heavy trucks in the whole year, accounting for 50% of the total export volume of China. For 13 consecutive years, China Heavy Truck Co. Ltd. ranked first in the domestic heavy truck industry, especially in developed countries such as Ireland.
"The brand is based on quality and the quality of products is good enough to win the reputation of the masses and the market." Shen Yijie, a member of the delegation and Beijing Netcom Office, said with great emotion that the brilliance of China Heavy Auto is the epitome of the high quality development of Shandong manufacturing industry.
Shandong is positioned as a province with a strong quality brand. At present, Shandong has a total of 1 Chinese quality award, 11 nomination awards, 44 provincial governor quality award enterprises, 1536 famous brand products, 543 service brands, 22 national manufacturing single champions. Not only a large number of famous manufacturing brands such as Heavy Auto, Haier, Haixin and Weichai have emerged, but also a number of famous service trades and emerging formats such as Sunshine Sister, Handu Yishen and Dishan Group are also rising rapidly.