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Emergency Treatment For Tight Brakes

Feb 28, 2019

Recently many card friends have reported to us a problem which makes them very headache.When they drive in other places, sometimes there will be ice on the pump valve in the air road, which causes the brake to be loose, and there will be no mobile maintenance personnel nearby. If the repair factory is far away from them, the cost is really too high, and it is hard to avoid being afraid of being ripped off.Members of the extensive request that we can provide some emergency solutions, so that the vehicle can be normal driving to the maintenance site for processing.Today, I would like to share with you some tips on how to deal with the problem of water icing in the air pump valve or the problem that the brake is not open due to the pressure limitation.When the temperature is low in the region or a period of time after parking for a period of time, found that the driver brake can not be removed.First of all, to determine the icing point out now main truck trailer valve throttle valve or trailer three bridge valve.Judgment method: after releasing the handbrake, it was found that the trailer did not lift the brake.At this point, we need to unplug the brake coils between the main car and the trailer (the one with pressure when braking or pulling the handbrake).If the driver brake is lifted immediately after unplugging, it will be proved that there is icing inside the throttle valve of the main trailer, resulting in the piston not being able to return to its position, or the hand brake port pressure of the main trailer valve is insufficient.Emergency treatment methods for the above problems:When the main trailer throttle valve fails, we need to put the brake air circuit system across the trailer throttle valve.First of all, in the front position, remove the brake screw tube and the main part of the car connected with the nut plug (no plug, connected to the spare pipe after the dead pipe can also be).The purpose is to not let outThen the main trailer throttle valve 41 pipe removed, directly with the first step removed the brake screw tube (yellow tube) can be connected.After the above two steps are completed, the driver brake will be completely removed.Please move the vehicle to a professional repair location for disposal as soon as possible.If the trailer brake is still not lifted after we remove the brake coil, it is proved that the ice inside the tri-bridge valve causes the piston to be unable to return to position.Treatment: for icing inside the triple bridge valve, we must remove the upper ice from the valve body.In case of emergency cleaning, it is not necessary to remove the three-bridge valve from the vehicle, and the four screws fixing the upper cover can be removed directly.When you open the top cover, you can see the ice on the piston.After removing, push the piston out of the vent at the bottom of the valve with a screwdriver to dry the water. Grease the car with butter, preferably butter.Install it back after cleaning.This is only an emergency treatment plan, finally, the card friends need to go to a professional repair shop to replace the brake valve, gas cylinder drainage, replacement of qualified dry cylinder.For the vehicles with serious water on the brake tube road, professional water control measures must be taken at the same time, so as to solve the problem of water icing on the air road from the root, the brake system cannot be ignored.