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Fatigue Driving Is Equivalent To Suicide, There Are Ways To Drive Safely

Mar 04, 2019

Big parents time after driving a car can have fatigue, fatigue can make our physiology and psychological function, it can directly affect our normal driving, fatigue driving vision will decline, observation, judgment, accuracy will become weak, and also the action including response will be slow, severe fatigue, basic is in the condition of one and a half asleep, cause we there is no guarantee of the traffic safety.Most of us think that enough sleep is enough to prevent tired driving. There is no denying that enough sleep is an effective way to prevent tired driving.Fatigue driving is equivalent to suicide, there are ways to drive safelyBut avoid fatigue driving is not only an effective way of preventing fatigue driving there are also a lot of very effective method, many friends said, sleepy, eating melon seeds, to eat areca, daub on the temple wind and so on, if you are tired to need to daub wind to prevent fatigue on the temples, so I think you have fatigue, or find a safe place as soon as possible to stop to rest.Today, I would like to introduce some methods that most of you think are effective.▎ driving time arrangement is in orderLet's card friends must according to the transportation task driving route, driving distance, properly arrange their travel time, running time and try to arrange the abundance of some, don't because time is tight, task and sacrifice their rest time to take the road and arrange travel time as far as possible when calculated in accordance with moderate speed, also want to rest time to set aside their own needs.Driving must be medium speed, do not high-speed driving, the faster the speed, but more prone to fatigue, and the risk factor will increase.Driving for two hours and ten minutes can relieve fatigue if conditions permit.Fatigue driving is equivalent to suicide, there are ways to drive safely▎ eliminate their psychological burdenLife is not equal to idea nine times out of ten, our truck driver is mostly for many years of practice in society, everyone have work problems? Also have family problems, but we as a truck driver, these psychological negative emotions must not to bring it back to driving, not while driving, and in thinking about the problem of these has nothing to do with driving, otherwise, easily distracted when I was driving, we will increase the risk of driving.So we truck drivers usually must keep the mood of pleasure, smile to life.Once you get behind the wheel, you have to put all your troubles behind you and finish the transportation seriously.▎ often exerciseFatigue driving is equivalent to suicide, there are ways to drive safelyAs the saying goes: the body is the capital of revolution.With a good body to be able to work hard, we usually can choose their favorite fitness programs, appropriate training, training to arrange good training time training intensity, generally three to four times a week.Regular physical exercise can make you have a good spirit, a good body, but also can make your limbs more powerful, the brain more flexible, improve the body immunity, away from disease.▎ keep good running state of the vehicleOften maintain the vehicle, so that the vehicle has a good car condition, when we drive will save worry and effort, vehicle maintenance good to have a comfortable working environment, a comfortable working environment is very conducive to prevent fatigue driving.Of course, our working environment, traffic conditions and climate problems are also closely related to fatigue driving. The worse the situation is, the more likely we are to get tired. In this case, we need to extend the rest time for better work.