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Inferior Trailer Is Repaired Everyday: Covet Small Cheap Suffer Great Loss

Mar 01, 2019

Inferior trailer is repaired everyday: covet small cheap suffer great loss

In the garage, the mechanic was surprised and said, "why is the quality of your truck so bad?"Every day in the burning welding, how also everywhere deformation ah?".Embarrassed father scratched his head and said: "these problems I do not know ah!This thing is made by the factory.I also don't know why quality so bad!"Inferior trailer is repaired every day, card friend: covet small cheap suffer great loss(first, pull back the deformed area before welding)The above is a short conversation between my father and master huang in the repair shop. Almost everyone who sees my trailer will say that the car is of poor quality.Even I myself think the quality is too bad. Now after only two years of use, I am covered with welds, and I am constantly deforming and opening everywhere.My father told me that the trailer would probably last another year before it had to be replaced.Believe a lot of card friend can feel surprise!The life of a trailer can have less than 3 years unexpectedly, right this is the power that small factory makes!Next, I would like to share with you the experience of using this inferior trailer.▎ penny wise, pound foolishTwo years ago attached to the company office, the business manager with a broad smile said: "you believe I am not wrong!I will help you a few fixed trailer, guarantee cheap and fast so that you do not have to wait a little time!Otherwise your oneself order at least 20,000 expensive, still have to wait for those order plateaued to a few months later of factory son!"."Father and friends to discuss:" say, our own decision may be really not as good as in the company, if we can also save $20,000.Then we will make a profit!Okay!We let the company order a car for us!"A month later, my father called the company and said, "boss!Has the trailer we ordered arrived yet?We all waited for more than a month, or the sports car unit price will fall!".The boss smiled and said, "don't worry!Your trailer will be out soon!Come and hang up the door these two days!"Inferior trailer is repaired every day, card friend: covet small cheap suffer great loss(welding the trailer again)In the company parking lot, a group of people are saying: "I wipe!Why does this trailer look so rough?Feel quality is not good!Are you sure this is the trailer we paid more than 70,000 yuan for!You this be not to cheat a person?"", hang on to manager facial expression one sink: "love want not!There are others who want it!You don't want me to transfer to the waiting cars!"The result is conceivable, everybody still because of time problem helpless accept, also be because say before cheap 20 thousand just fall into trap in!The dangers of ▎ inferior trailer"I don't think my trailer can compete with theirs!The truck may be a little out of shape when they load the goods, but it will be back to its original state as soon as the goods are unloaded!My trailer is loaded with goods deformation, unloading or deformation of goods!""The father said helplessly.Master huang smiled and said: "your trailer is to have money it is willing to restore!Ha ha!"Inferior trailer is repaired every day, card friend: covet small cheap suffer great loss(burn the lug for the trailer)Anyway inferior trailer harm is great, I enumerate a few that appear on my home trailer to everybody!(1) after the vehicle is overloaded and deformed, unloading still cannot be recovered.It is proved that the elastic deformation of the material is insufficient and the material is too inferior.(2) the lifting lugs around the boxes are often broken or deformed, so that there is no place to tie the goods when they are bound.(3) carriage welding is not firm, causing carriage welding, affecting transport safety.(4) poor quality of accessories in the container, resulting in multiple fractures, affecting traffic safety.(5) the carriage paint is of poor quality, resulting in serious corrosion of the trailer and reduced service life.As a result of the above reasons, the service life of inferior trailers will be much lower than that of normal trailers, resulting in the rise of operating costs.▎ choose main points of the trailerWe will use the current trailer for another half a year, and we will choose to replace it. I will give some requirements for us to replace the new trailer.Is also to give card friends when the purchase of trailer some reference,(1) must choose the regular manufacturers, refuse to small factory trailer!(2) don't be a little fly blind eyes, a penny a penny!(3) choose the trailer with qualified vehicle materials to save worry in later use.(4) carefully check whether the vehicle welding is in place, do not be afraid of trouble lazy.(5) check the quality of accessories of the trailer to prevent repeated maintenance in the later stage.(6) it is better to choose a high-quality car bridge. We will choose the BPW car bridge next time.These are the experience that blood and tear get, hope everybody must not fall into the pit of small factory trailer again!Inferior trailer is repaired every day, card friend: covet small cheap suffer great loss(repeated fractures and welding wounds)▎ editorialThat year, because of the new policy, everyone was eager to order cars to start work, so inferior trailers have mushroomed like growth.But now we all need to calm rational purchase trailer, don't be deceived again.After all, you get what you pay for in the world, and it makes sense that quality trailers would be welcome.Hope everybody sees this article after be far from the inferior trailer of small factory, choose the trailer of regular manufacturer at least!