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Road Safety Skills

Mar 05, 2019

We have a lot of card friends are running around the country, also often encounter the mountain road, because of the special geographical conditions of the mountain road, also let us special treatment, see the mountain road is always cautious.Today we will talk about the experience of walking on mountain roads.In the transport of goods if you know that there are mountain roads, the first must be the vehicle maintenance, especially the engine of the vehicle, braking must be guaranteed, in addition to the goods must ensure the stability.Know in advance the conditions of the road, the length of the mountain road in detail, the altitude, the width of the road, where there are dangerous sections, etc.Old drivers share mountain road safe driving dry goods, worth collectingBefore driving into the mountain road, if possible, you can stop and check again to make sure everything is safe. In addition, the driver can also have a little rest and be more energetic, so as to have a full spirit to drive after entering the mountain road.Turn into the mountain road, will be more and more, more and more urgent, will soon into the top of the hill ramp Angle generally is very steep, this time let's speed must be set up in the case of plenty power, not only should pay attention to their own vehicles when driving, but also pay attention to the other side of the downhill vehicle, obstacle of the sight of the curve, it is important to note that the center of the observation curve Angle lens, then right, slow down, sound horn slowly moving through corners.If the length of the vehicle needs to cross the line, be sure to observe in advance before passing.If you encounter a downhill vehicle, you should make way and be ready to stop at any time.After going uphill, if there is a wide and flat road section, you can have a rest. Trucks are different from home vehicles, which are generally full of goods. The engine is running at high power all the way.Old drivers share mountain road safe driving dry goods, worth collectingStart downhill after drive more carefully, more dangerous mountain road than the road under, down the mountain when inertia will make it harder for the speed of the vehicle under control, generally near the top of the mountain road is more steep, corner will be more tight, so more caution to the vehicle's speed, the long slope, should the main advantage of a power to control the speed of the car, the brake system as a supporting role, if the vehicle carries should open to use exhaust brake or a hydraulic retarder, avoid frequent brakes to cause the brake pads, brake drum, brake ability become weak or even failure.Downhill in corners, in the corner, should slow slow bends ahead of time, before the early observation Angle lens, after entering corners must not take up the other lane, and it doesn't matter as much as possible to a screeching halt, because our truck general goods are higher on the car, once after a corner when the emergency brake may be out of balance, causing a spin, even a cartwheel.On the way down, the driver should pay attention to the road, do not look at the roadside cliff, do not have a fear of the mood, affect the driving.Old drivers share mountain road safe driving dry goods, worth collectingDon't neutral taxiing and downhill, shut off the ignition switch is more can't, some part of the driver to fuel-efficient, met GuaKongDang began to slide downhill, and the driver of the ignition switch is closed, even want to know our trucks are mostly air brake, and the air in the air brake is engine driven air pump, the engine shut down, once encounter risks, the emergency brake, want to control the truck to go forward, but you don't have enough air in the gas reservoir, when you started the car again too late.So remind everyone to drive safely when going downhill.