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Sinotruk Driverless Truck Is Expected To Take The Lead In Ji'nan Road Test.

Aug 27, 2018

 The long-awaited driverless car is coming! 25, "Jinan Intelligent Network Road Test Management Measures" (hereinafter referred to as the "Management Measures") officially released, Jinan became the ninth in the country, the province's first publication of intelligent network road test management standards city. The test road is initially delineated in the hi tech Zone, with a total length of about 4.8 km. At that time, the citizens can "feast their eyes".
What is AI network?
Commonly referred to as smart cars and self driving cars, they are equipped with advanced vehicle sensors, controllers, actuators and other devices, and integrate modern communication and network technology to realize intelligent information exchange and sharing between vehicles and X (people, vehicles, roads, clouds, etc.). Can, can realize safe, high efficiency, comfortable, energy-saving driving, and ultimately can replace the human operation of a new generation of automobiles.
What kind of car can be tested?
Conditional Auto Driving (L3): The system completes all driving operations and, upon request, the driver needs to provide appropriate intervention.
Highly Automated Driving (L4): The system completes all driving operations. In a specific environment, the system will respond to the driver's request, and the driver will not respond to the system's request. The so-called "driverless".
Fully automatic driving (L5): The system can complete all the road environment operations that the driver can complete without the driver's intervention.
Note: Road tests must be conducted on specified sections of the road, and test drivers must always be in the driving position. The test vehicle must be marked with a striking "Auto Driving Test" sign in the obvious position of the vehicle body. The whole process is monitored by the selected and rigorously trained driver and controlled by the intervention or timely takeover of the vehicle when necessary. Corresponding measures should be taken to avoid the occurrence of danger.
Where are the test sections?
Preliminary delimitation in the high-tech zone, by Keyuan Road, Chunhua Road, Feiyue Avenue, 26 planning road, part of the road, a total length of about 4.8 km.
Currently, the complexity and safety of road traffic environment are being assessed, and the corresponding traffic sign marking and traffic safety facilities are being formulated, which will be announced to the public in the near future.
What conditions can be applied?
The management measures put forward strict requirements for testing subjects, test drivers and test vehicles respectively. The nature of units, business scope, accident compensation ability, test evaluation, remote monitoring capabilities, event log analysis ability and comply with laws and regulations and other 7 conditions on the test subject; proposed labor contracts or labor contracts, through the automatic driving training, no record of serious traffic violations and other 8 parties to test driver The proposed registration, mandatory requirements; project inspection, man-machine control mode conversion, data recording and real-time feedback, specific regional test and third party verification 6 basic requirements for the test vehicle.
How to apply for road test?
First, the joint conference entrusted the professional bodies to accept the application materials of the testing subjects and make preliminary examination.
Two is the expert review group to carry out the real vehicle inspection, demonstration review, issued evaluation opinions. The joint meeting of the audit according to review, test vehicles on the audit by the network of intelligent vehicle test issued by the notice.
Third, the test subject shall apply for the temporary driving license plate of the test motor vehicle to the public security organ as specified in the test notice and the certificates and vouchers required by the Regulations on Motor Vehicle Registration.
The four is to test the vehicle in the specified road section for testing.
Note: Local and foreign testing main enterprises and test models conforming to the provisions of the Administrative Measures may apply to the testing authority. Through the audit, vehicle test temporary plate by the traffic administrative department of the public security organ issued, according to the requirements of the organization to carry out the testing work.