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Sinotruk Engineering And Highway Vehicle Achieve Success In Double

May 15, 2018

In recent years, the pattern of heavy card market has changed from engineering car to road vehicle, and the Chinese heavy truck, which has a long construction car, grasps the market trend accurately and implements the transformation and upgrading quickly. Now, on the basis of the continued advantages of the Chinese heavy truck in the field of engineering vehicles, the traction vehicle is fast up, and the orders are not stopped during the may one, and the traffic is busy.
70 China National Heavy Duty Truck T7H natural gas tractor delivered to Longkou major customer
As we all know, China heavy duty truck has already removed the short hat of the highway vehicle market. In the first quarter of this year, China heavy steam in the logistics, express, dangerous chemicals and other road vehicles, achieved a year-on-year increase of 131%, the fist products Hauser T7H increased by 126%, T7H traction car industry has become one of the best choice for highway transportation.
70 China National Heavy Duty Truck T7H natural gas tractor delivered to Longkou major customer
On the eve of May 1 International Labour Day, 70 heavy-duty T7H heavy haul trucks of China Heavy Duty Truck delivered a large logistics company of Longkou. This batch of vehicles is all the target of the company's open tender project, and it is another centralized purchase after the company owns hundreds of heavy vehicles.
The large logistics company purchases this batch of vehicles, mainly for aluminum ore powder and coal transportation. Previously, the company has purchased hundreds of Chinese heavy duty vehicles in batches, and is very satisfied with its products and services during its use. Recently, as a result of the development needs, the company opened the public bidding public, China heavy truck and many well-known car companies participated in bidding together, after many rounds of competition, efficient, safe, fast, low cost T7H natural gas heavy load version of traction car stand out, finally achieved success in March with the absolute advantage, take down all 70 standards. The vehicles are equipped with 430 horseman technology natural gas engine, 950 single cylinder and heavy loaded front and rear axle.
Hao Han J6G light version 8 * 4 truck Anhui first show chopper 40.
In ensuring that the original vehicle market performs well, it is also the killer of China heavy duty truck to launch a new vehicle in close proximity to the policy direction. In April 27th, the "China heavy automobile J6G quality light version 8 x 4 cargo vehicle Anhui area listed press conference" was opened in Mengcheng County, Bozhou. The local logistics company, industry customers and more than 300 friends of the users participated in the grand meeting, and 40 orders were captured on the spot.
Hao Han J6G light version 8 * 4 truck Anhui first show chopper 40.
Howhan J6G lightweight 8 x 4 truck has dual technology accumulation of China heavy steam and German man company. It has outstanding advantages in economy, reliability and self weight. The site users listened carefully and paid close attention to them. They paid deposits and ordered vehicles, and accumulated more than 40 vehicles.
20 HOWO mine overlord successfully delivered Alxa League Coal Mine Enterprise
The construction car market is the dominant market for China heavy steam. China Heavy Truck Sales Department has been the first in the domestic market for many years in the field of residue car, mineral dump truck and agitator, and has a large number of loyal customers. During the May 1 period, 20 Chinese heavy truck HOWO mine overlord successfully delivered to a coal mine enterprise in Alxa League.