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Why Are Truck Drivers Frequently Overloaded?

Nov 26, 2019

Recent news about truck overload is often talked about, mainly due to the collapse of the Wuxi viaduct in Jiangsu, which happened some time ago.

It took only five seconds for the accident to occur. The bridge fell down and three vehicles under it were crushed. One of them was a parked vehicle, with no people on board and no casualties; the other two cars were not so lucky, and three people on board died. At the time of the incident, a total of 5 vehicles passed on the bridge, including 3 cars and 2 trucks.

After the accident, the surrounding residents also said that it was too scary. The location of the accident was a steel market. Every day, many big cars appeared. Every time the big cars passed the viaduct, they felt that the road surface was shaking. The risk of overloading and the risk of bridge decks has increased.

At this point, everyone may not understand why truck drivers are overloaded to pull goods?

Cause one: Low transportation costs

Because of policy reasons, it is not necessary to buy trucks to borrow money from relatives around it. Various car loan and zero down payment policies allow more people to buy trucks.

With more trucks, the market for the goods that can be transported is so large, and the shippers' delivery is not limited to trucking. Rail transport, high-speed rail transport, air transport, sea transport, etc. have increased the options.

The owners are merchants, and they can only do their best to strive for profits for themselves, so the freight will be reduced without limit. The truck driver was in a dilemma. If he didn't make money, he would empty the car. So many truck drivers can only overload the cargo in order to earn more money.

Reason two: transportation costs increase year by year

Oil prices have increased year by year, and trucks use a lot of fuel. Even if they only cost a few cents, they are a big number for truck drivers. There are also many truck drivers, in order to save a little gas money, will find some private gas stations, do not go to regular oil companies to refuel.

The truck is large in size, high in fuel consumption, high in tolls, and expensive in repair and maintenance. The overall transportation cost is too high. In order to make more profits and reduce transportation costs, the truck driver pulls the cargo without permission.

Reason three: Truck drivers are under pressure

Truck drivers are mostly individuals who buy cars, face car loans and freight advances, excessive capital pressure, ca n’t make money without pulling goods, and loans ca n’t afford them. In order to relieve their financial pressure, truck drivers can only pull as many goods as possible. , Overloaded cargo.

In fact, the original intention of the truck driver was only to make more money and make more profits, but behind each overload accident was the blood and tears of a family or even many families.

Truck drivers can only change their minds and change the status quo from other angles, rather than blindly overloading the law. How should truck drivers weather the cold winter of the freight industry and secure their wallets?

Establish a formal logistics company to integrate resources at their own hands

Although the whole cargo transportation industry is not very prosperous, there are always some people who can make money. The supply of personal truck drivers is unstable. There is a state of living today but not tomorrow, and market information is asymmetric.

Difficult to pull, hard to defend. However, the establishment of formal logistics companies and fleets is influential and the business processes are standardized. The cargo of the cargo owners can be more guaranteed. The cargo owners are also willing to cooperate with these regular companies.

The company will also allocate tasks according to local business, so that these fixed resources in everyone's hands can make better use of it, increase the volume of transportation, reduce the number of empty cars, reduce the cost of transportation, keep the group warm, and get more profits.

Although some truck drivers are still lucky, as long as they are not caught, they are always overloaded. But this is not a long time. Only with the development of society can we change our minds and not lead a better life.