The Trailer PARAMETERS Load capacity:4 0 tons. Overall Dimension( L X W X H mm) :13x2.5X0.6m Basic configuration: beam:500mm, upper and lower wing is 14--16 mm , belly plate is 8 mm . Side beam 16# channel steel Thickness: Bottom is 3mm and side is 1.5mm . The gooseneck web is reinforce d in the...

Product Details


Load capacity:40 tons.


Overall Dimension(L X W X H mm):13x2.5X0.6m

Basic configuration:

beam:500mm, upper and lower wing is 14--16mm, belly plate is 8mm.

Side beam 16# channel steel

Thickness:Bottom is 3mmand side is 1.5mm.

The gooseneck web is reinforced in the leg position.

Main parts:

1.Axle: Standard 13tons

2.Tires: 12.00Taitong brand  steel tires

3.Steel ring: 12X8.5mm steel ring

4.Leaf spring:standard 10

5.Suspension: strengthening suspension.

6.Leg: China brand 28 tons

7. 5th Wheel: 90# 1

8.Toolbox: 1

9.Spare frame: 2

10. Brake pump, 6 double chamber gas chambers. 2 storage cylinder and a relay valve.

11.Brake pipe: equipped with high quality and thicker tube . The condenser tube, the relay valve and the brake sub pump are connected with the nylon belt protecting spring hose.

12.Paint:with high quality paint, beautiful color

13.Wire harness is made of high quality wire core and with joint.

14.The electrical circuit of the lamps and lanterns is well assembled. Lower plate bolts, screws with high strength to prevent loose. Fixed plate spring.

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