3 Axle 45-60cbm New Bulk Powder Cement Tanker Semi Trailer

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How to determine the completion of the discharge of bulk powder cement tank semi trailer

First, unloading time discrimination method, normal cement tank unloading speed is generally 1 to 1.2 tons per division, if the cement loading weight is 32 tons, it usually takes half an hour to finish unloading, so you can calculate the unloading time according to the discharge tonnage, so the former 25 minutes operator is more relaxed, there is no need to stare at the pressure meter or through for a long time. Check it out by other methods.
Two. In the process of tapping the tank, the cement can be played by hand in the unloading process. If the sound is not answered, the cement material in the tank is unloaded for a period of time; if the tank has a echo, it is proved that the cement can have been unloaded quickly.
Three, air compressor sound discrimination method, normal unloading time and space press load is large, the air compressor working sound is more dull, tank unloading end, air compressor load becomes smaller, work sound becomes crisp.
Four, the pressure gauge check method, when the bulk cement tank truck is unloading, the air pressure in the tank is 1.8 ~ 2.4 kg / sq cm. When the unloading is quickly finished, the pressure drops rapidly. If the pressure meter falls to 0 to 0.2 kilograms / square centimeter, it is proved that the cement in the tank is basically unloaded.
Five, cement receiving tower top lift ash discrimination method, normal discharge, cement consumption is relatively less gas, "less material and less gas", the top of the receiving tower is less ash, later unloading, "less gas, more gas", the top of the receiving tower increase ash.
Six. Unloading hose observation method, when normal unloading, the unloading hose is impacted by fluidized cement and the hose is jitter. If the hose is no longer jitter, it can also prove that the cement in the tank is basically unloaded.

1.3 Axle 45-60cbm New Bulk Powder Cement Tanker Semi Trailer Photos


Trailer Model


Overall Dimension
   (Lx W x H)(mm)



transport bulk powder


Tank body: Q235A 5mm carbon steel
     End plate: Q235A 6mm carbon steel

Loading Weight( KG)



3x13Ton, FUWA brand

Air compressor

37 KW,0.2Mpa. 1000r/Min(12m3/minute)  Bohai brand



Manhole cover

500mm manhole cover. 1 sets with 1 breath valve.

Discharge valve

4''disc valve

Discharge pipe

4''seamless steel tube

Suspension system

Standard Mechanical suspension

Bottom valve quantity

1 unit

Steel Spring

10/10/10 leaf spring suspension


Diesel engine: Weichai brand model:4102


12R22.5   12units tubeless tire.

Traction Pin

50mm or optional 90mm

Spare Wheel Bracket

2 pieces

Tool Box

1 Standard

Landing Gear

Standard 28 tons

Brake system

Dual Line braking system

Brake air chamber

WABCO brand, Six big double air chambers

Electrical system

1. Voltage: 24v   2. Receptacle: 7 ways (7 wire harness)

Tail lamp with turn signal, brake light & reflector, side lamp etc.

One set 6-core standard Cable.

Side Guard

According to customer's requirement


According customer requirement


Polish with wax before shipping

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