3 Axles Bulk Cement Semi-trailer

3 Axles Bulk Cement Semi-trailer The powder material transport semi-trailer is a special vehicle for the transportation of large quantities of dust material (bulk cement). It is generally suitable for areas where strict charging is carried out in accordance with national regulations. The volume is generally between 35-45 square meters.

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3 Axles Bulk Cement/Flour Semi-trailer

It is suitable for the transportation of powdered dry materials such as fly ash, cement, lime powder, ore powder, etc. with a particle diameter of not more than 0.1mm, and pneumatic discharge. When the vertical height of the discharge reaches 15m, the horizontal transport distance can reach 5m.

The semi-hanging powder material transport vehicle uses its own engine power to drive the on-board air compressor through a power take-off to pass compressed air through The pipeline is sent to the air chamber in the lower part of the sealed tank to suspend the cement in the fluidized bed into a fluid state. When the pressure in the tank reaches the amount

When the value is set, the discharge butterfly valve is opened, and the fluidized cement is transported through the pipeline for transportation.

Made with advanced domestic technology, the design is novel and durable. The air bag type has a large carrying capacity, fast discharge speed and small residual quantity.

The integrated tank has the characteristics of high overall strength, good rigidity, good pressure resistance, and good performance.

Bulk cement trailer


The specifications of 3 Axles Bulk Cement Semi-trailer


Sinotruk 3Axles 40m3 Bulk Cement Trailer


2020 year


Overall dimension(L*W*H):11500X2500X4000 Loading capacity:40m3(40000L)

Axles:3 x 13000kg,FUWA brand Suspension system:Mechanical Suspension Tyres:12pcs,12R22.5

King Pin:90# China Brand Material:5mm mild steel Discharging capacity:> 1200kg/min Working pressure:0.2MPa

Diesel engine:Weichai 4102

Air Compressor:Bohai 12.0(12m3) air compressor

Tool Box:1 tool box with the factory’s standard free tools

Our Bulk flour semi-trailer factory:


1. Frame and traction pin: The frame is a space frame type low alloy steel welded structure. The frame is welded by two T-shaped longitudinal beams and cross beams to support the load. There is a traction pin and a traction pin plate connected to the tractor under the front of the frame, the size is 90. Traction pins are assembled for easy replacement. The front cross beam of the frame is provided with an air brake connector and a wire connection socket. The front and side of the frame are equipped with lighting or signaling devices.

2. Suspension system: Suspension device support is welded on the back and lower part of the longitudinal beam, and support device support is provided on the lower front part. The suspension system is a three-axis leaf spring suspension suspension, which is used to support the load and has the function of absorbing driving vibration and so on. The leaf spring suspension system is fastened to the axle body with U-bolts.

The parking brake is controlled by an energy storage spring brake system, and the wheel brake also doubles as the parking brake. Use the device when parking or on a slope.

3. Axles and wheels: Three axle assemblies of the same structure are installed under the suspension system. The axle is a square tube axle. The axle body is provided with a platform for mounting a leaf spring suspension and a bracket for installing a brake air chamber. The axle head is used to install wheels, hubs and brakes.

4. Supporting device: In order to make the semi-trailer reliably parked after being separated from the index vehicle, two supporting devices of left-right linkage or left-right linkage are installed on the front end of the frame. It consists of a screw rod transmission mechanism, a bevel gear transmission mechanism, a two-speed reduction box, a transmission rod, an operating handle, and the like. When the handle is pushed in, you can get high speed lifting, and when the handle is pulled out, you can get low speed. When the base is in contact with the ground, it can only be lifted in low gear.

5. Brake and its operating device: The semi-trailer uses a dual-line pneumatic braking system and is equipped with an anti-lock braking system (ABS). The service brake system is mainly composed of air joints, inflation lines, operating lines, emergency relay valves, gas cylinders, brake air chambers and wheel brakes. The air joint of the inflation line is connected to the tractor's air tank, the air joint of the operation line is connected to the brake valve of the tractor, and each brake air chamber acts simultaneously when the trailer is braking. When the driver steps on the brake pedal, each brake air chamber of the semi-trailer acts to achieve normal foot braking. The semi-trailer can brake automatically when the inflation tube leaks or bursts, or when the tractor suddenly disconnects from the semi-trailer during driving, causing the pipeline to open and close. When the car train is stopped and the tractor is separated from the semi-trailer, the semi-trailer can brake by itself. If the parking time is short, the parking brake can be eliminated.

6. Electrical system: The semi-trailer is equipped with an international electrical system that is compatible with the tractor. There are electrical connector sockets on the front beam of the frame. The rear of the frame is equipped with brake lights, turn signals, parking lights, reversing lights, license plate lights, fog lights and triangular reflectors, and front and side lights with front position and width lights, side marker lights, front right Equipped with ABS indicator. The voltage of various lamps is DC 24V. 7. Tank body: The tank body is made of all-metal welded parts. The tank body is a sealed container filled with materials made of ordinary carbon structural steel plates in a circular butt joint and welded by stamping heads. The volume is 55m3. There are manholes and walking tables on the top for loading and unloading and maintenance personnel to enter the tank. The tank has a fluidized bed air chamber. The air chamber is composed of a sliding plate and an air bag, so that the compressed air passes through the air bag and the powdered material is fluidized and discharged from the discharge pipe. The head is blanked with a plasma CNC cutting machine, and then spinned with a flanging machine to increase the strength. It is not allowed to knock the flange manually to avoid material damage;

8.External power and air compressor: The external Weichai 4100 engine and Wuhu 10.00 vehicle air compressor unit ensure sufficient air pressure when the entire vehicle is unloaded.

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