Bulk Flour Semi Trailer

The lower part of the longitudinal beam is welded with a suspension device support, and the front lower part has a support device support. The suspension system is a three-axis leaf spring suspension suspension, which is used to support the load and absorb the vibration of the train. The leaf spring suspension system is fastened to the axle body by U-bolts.

Product Details

Bulk flour semi trailer consists of a screw drive mechanism, a bevel gear transmission mechanism, a two-speed reduction gear box, a transmission rod, and an operating handle. When the handle is pushed in, it can be rotated at a high speed, and when the handle is pulled out, the rotation can be achieved at a low speed. When the base touches the ground, you can only use the low gear to move up and down. Brake and its operating device: The semi-trailer uses a two-line pneumatic brake system and is equipped with an anti-lock braking system (ABS). Electrical system: The semi-trailer has an international electrical system that is compatible with the tractor. There is an electrical connector socket on the front of the frame. Brake lights, turn signals, stop lights, reversing lights, license plate lights, fog lights and triangular reflectors at the rear of the frame, front and two sides with front and side lights, side marker lights, right front It is equipped with an ABS indicator. The various lamps have a voltage of 24V DC. The tank body is an all-metal welding joint, and the tank body is a container for sealing the material to be filled by a circular joint of ordinary carbon structural steel sheets and welded by a stamping head.

bulk flour trailer 50CBM

70m3 cement tank trailer-2



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