China Custom Livestock Trailers 40 Tons Tri Axles Fences Semi Trailer

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Product Details

Frame: a space frame structure welded by longitudinal beam and integral through-through beam.Can balance the strength, stiffness, toughness of the frame, strong bearing capacity, no permanent deformation.

The series of semi-trailer frame of stockade type are all girder type structure, and the longitudinal beam is flat or gooseneck type.The height of the web is from 400 to 500, and the longitudinal beam is welded by automatic submerged arc welding. The frame is shot blasting.

Suspension system: a new suspension system with high strength and impact resistance;Rod shaft axis load balance, system design, in the process of running frequent turbulence, reduce the friction and sliding distance tire and ground, effectively reduce the tire wear, adjustable lever at the same time, can adjust the wheelbase, effectively avoid partial running-in chew wheel tires phenomenon.

1.China Custom Livestock Trailers 40 Tons Tri Axles Fences Semi Trailer Photos


Trailer Model

3 Axles 40ton fence semi trailer



Overall dimension


Loading weight


Main beam

Beam height: 500 mm;
Upper plate: 14mm;
Down plate: 16mm;
Middle plate: 8mm.

Axle brand and number

13T Fuwa  3

Traction pin

Jost 90# or 50#

Land gear

Standard 28ton

Tyre and quantity

1200R22.5 12sets

Platform plate

3mm Diamond plate

Leaf spring


Brake system

Dual Line braking system ,none ABS.


9.0-22.5 12 pcs

Side wall details

600mm height, 3mm thickness

Brake air chamber

Four double and two single chamber

Electrical system

24V,7 pin socket,One set 6-core standard Cable


Tail lamp with turn signal, brake light & reflector, side lamp etc

Spare tire carrier

2 sets

Tool box

1 set




Polish with wax before shipping

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