Customs 3 FUWA Axles 50m3 Elliptical Type Propane Tank Trailer

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Product Details

Customs 3 FUWA Axles 50m3 Elliptical Type Propane Tank Trailer (made of Q345R steel plate), axle, tire, outrigger, traction pin, double outlet and double valve box (pressure gauge, thermometer, close valve, ball valve), iron wave plate, safety valve, liquid level Meter, fire extinguishing equipment, tool box, anti-static tape, spare tire rack, plastic tire fender, etc. LPG semi trailer is also known as LPG semi trailer, LPG tank semi trailer, LPG tank semi trailer, LPG transport semi trailer, LPG semi trailer, LPG tanker semi trailer, etc. It is a special transport semi-trailer for transporting propane, propylene, dimethyl ether, liquid ammonia, methylamine, acetaldehyde and other liquefied gases.

1.Custom 3 FUWA Axles 50m3 Elliptical Type Propane Tank Trailer Photos


Main parameters

Overall dimensions (LxWxH)

11500x2500x3750 mm

Tare weight

14500 kg

Loading capacity

18900 kg

Total weight

33400 kg

Shell of tanker

Major material of bearing material

Tanker body Q345Rmm,
End plate Q345R 14mm

Design pressure

1.61 MPa

Design temperature

to 50 Celcius

Corrosion pressure

2.0 mm






Heat treatment

overall heat treatmment in a furnace, 600 Celcius to 640 Celcius

Flaw detection

100% flaw detection



Fuwa brand axle 13 ton x 3


Mechanical suspension


leaf spring 10 / 10 /10

Traction pin

2.5" or 3.5"

Landing leg

JOST D200 single linkage, gear type


Triangle brand 12R22.5 tubless tyre


Fire extinguisher

2 pcs

Tool box

1 unit

Spare tyre carrier

1 units




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How to connect Tractor Truck and Semi-trailer?

Step 1: Check the saddle plate if have enough lubricating grease, make sure the plate and king pin are clean;

Step 2: Adjust the landing gear, 10-30mm higher than saddle plate.

Step 3: Make the locking device of saddle open, like as shown in the photo;

Step 4: Keep center line of tractor truck and semi-trailer the same, let tractor truck back up slowly, when hear click, locking block return, connect successfully!

Step 5: Check the locking.

Step 6: Connect the inflatable line and control line(red to red, yellow to yellow);

Step 7: Open the switch of air circuit on the tractor truck, inflate semi-trailer, or its brake system can not work;

Step 8: Start the engine, let cylinder air pressure of tractor and semi-trailer get the standard data;

Step 9: Check the lines if has gas leak, check if the brake system can work normally.

Step 10: Insert tractor truck’s cable connecting plug into semi-trailer’s seven hole receptacle.

Step 11: Check all lamps of semi-trailer if work well.

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