3 Axle 60 Ton Stake Fence Cargo Semi Trailer

The semi-trailer with a fence structure is used for the warehouse-mounted semi-trailer cargo parts. Mainly used for the transportation of agricultural and sideline products and other light foam goods.

Product Details

3 Axle 60 Ton Stake Fence Cargo Semi Trailer

1. The design process of the model and fence structure combines with the user's cargo category, reasonable design, fully compensates the weight of the car when the load is satisfied, the structure is simple and applicable, the disassembly is convenient, and the investment cost is reduced for the user to create more profit value. 

2. Frame: The space frame structure is formed by welding the longitudinal beam and the integral penetrating beam. It can balance the strength, rigidity and toughness of the frame, and has strong bearing capacity without permanent deformation. 

3. The series of warehouse-type semi-trailers are all beam-type structures, and the longitudinal beams are straight or gooseneck. The web height is from 400 to 500, the longitudinal beam is welded by automatic submerged arc welding, the frame is shot blasting, the beam is inserted into the stringer and welded. 

4. Suspension system: It adopts a new suspension system with high strength and strong impact resistance; the load balance of each shaft is balanced, and the system tie rod angle is rationally designed to reduce the frictional slip distance between the tire and the ground during the frequent jolting process. It can effectively reduce the tire wear, and at the same time, the adjustable lever can adjust the wheelbase, effectively avoiding the phenomenon of the tire's partial wear and the wheel.


Specification: 3 Axle 60 Ton Stake Fence Cargo Semi Trailer

Tare Weight: 7.5T
Loading Capacity :60T
Outside Dimensions :13820*2700*3600 mm
Interior Dimensions :13716*2600*1800 mm
Tyre No:12 +1 Spare Tire
Spare Tire Carrier:1 set
Wheelbase :1310mm
Axle NO.: 3
Axle Weight Load : 13T
Leaf-spring pcs:10 pcs
Twist Locks(optional):Twelve nos in total. Four nos are fasten mode, four nos are up/down modethe and central locks can be laid down. 
Traction Pin :2'or 3.5'
Pin Height : According to the height of the tractor saddle
Tire Specifications :11.00R20 14PR, 12R22.5 14P
Main Beam    Main Beams: Q345B/ST52-3 manganese plates, automatic submerged arc
Through Cross Beams: Q235
Main Beam Height: 500mm
Upper Flange: 16mm
Mid web: 10mm
Lower Flange: 18mm
Side Beam;160mm
Sidewall Height:1800 mm (adjustable) / 3mm thickness
ABS:    Optional
Suspension:Mechanical heavy duty leaf-spring suspension 
Brake System :Dual Lines Braking System With Automatic Air Chambers
Brake Air Chamber:Four double and two single chamber
Electrical System:24V, 7core socket, lights according to European standards
Tool Box:1 box of standard tools
Painting :Complete chassis sand blasting to clean rust, 1 coat of anticorrosive prime, 2 coats of final paint
Color and Logo: Depends on the customer's requirement
Floor:3mm management plate
Usage:Is it suitable for the transportation of the agricultural and sideline products and other light products. This kind of design is convenient for products' unloading, and it's not only satisfy the rated load but also reduce the burden of the compartments.  


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