3axle Logging Trailer

3axle Logging Trailer is a special vehicle developed for transporting log timber in forest.driving mode of the whole vehicle is divided into 4 × 2; 4 × 4; 6 × 6; 6 × 4. There are two types of vehicles: single vehicle and trailer.

Product Details

3axle Logging Trailer's characteristics of log transporter are that two turntables are respectively installed on the main vehicle and trailer, which can transport logs up to 15 meters long. When driving empty, the trailer can be put on the main vehicle for transportation to improve work efficiency.

3axle Logging Trailer includes front frame assembly, rear frame assembly and traction pipe connecting front frame assembly and rear frame assembly. The front frame assembly includes a front underframe, a front gantry beam fixed on the front underframe, and two columns respectively connected at both ends of the front gantry beam. The rear frame assembly includes a rear underframe, a rear gantry beam fixed on the rear underframe and two columns respectively connected at both ends of the rear gantry beam. The front end of the traction pipe is fixedly connected to the longitudinal center line of the front underframe, the rear end is fixedly connected to the longitudinal center line of the rear underframe relative to the rear underframe, and the rear underframe is provided with a pressing mechanism to restrict the movement of the traction pipe relative to the rear underframe.

logging truck semi trailer

3axles wood transport semi trailer
Shipping TermsShipping by containers
Delivery time13 workdays for one set drop side semi trailer

Tare Weight7000kg

Loading Capacity20--70T

Axle number3 pcs

Axle specs.FUWA 13T/16T



King PinJOST 50# traction pin


Support legs28Tons (Tongyada Brand)/Jost D200T

Rim8.5-20 Zhengxing Brand


Steel Spring10/10/10 pieces per axles

Number of Tire

12 pieces

Spare Tire Carriers2 pieces

3axle Logging Trailer's utility model can carry logs of different lengths and specifications, which has a wide range of application, and the position of the cargo center of gravity can be adjusted after loading, thus greatly improving the safety and reliability of transportation.

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