3 Axles Tanker Trailers

Tanker raw material processing:After uncoiling plate, plate, directly into the furnace for shot blasting Treatment, not only remove the oxide skin and rust, increase the adhesion of the paint film,

Product Details

3 Axles Tanker Trailers is mainly used for large oil transport, usually with a tonnage of 40~60 cubic meters.Oil semitrailers are usually: two - bridge semitrailers and three - bridge semitrailers.The material of the semi-trailer tank is made of Q235A steel plate, and the tank body is built with multi-channel reinforced anti-wave baffle board, and the lower end of the baffle board is provided with through-hole to reduce the impact of oil in the tank body and improve the strength of the tank body.The combined tank mouth is located on the top of the tank body, and there is a self-locking small cover above the big cover. The upper side of the big cover is installed with a breathing valve to ensure the same air pressure inside and outside the tank.Ground wire with static electricity.Install the oil pumping system, force is taken from the side of the gearbox through the force extractor, which can be self-absorbed and self-discharged;With two oil pumping tubing, equipped with quick fitting joint, suction range of 6 meters.Two fire extinguishers and special tools.The fuel tanker trailer is divided into two parts, the oil tank body and the skeleton or bracket supporting the tank body.

Product Description:

Dimension(Lx W xH)(unloaded)(mm)11950*2495*3900
Tare Weight(KG)9000
Loading Weight( KG)40000
Total Weight(KG)49000
Tank capacity( CBM )45
3 Axles Tanker Trailers SPECIFICATION
Materialstainless steel 304
Tank thickness(mm)5
Main beamThe height of the beam is 500 mm, upper plate is16mm,down plate is 18mm,middle plate is 10mm.
Approaching angle/Departure angle(°)-/18
Axle Number3
Spill Discharges3
Walkwayon the top
Suspension systemLeaf spring suspension
Leaf spring suspension10/10/10 leaf spring suspension
Tire Type and quantity12R22.5 12units
Electrical system1. Voltage: 24v 2. Receptacle: 7 ways (7 wire harness)

tanker trailer

3 Axles Tanker Trailers is an oil tanker that is connected with the trailer by the traction head. Compared with the ordinary mono-type oil tanker, the semi-trailer can effectively improve the transportation efficiency.Under the same tonnage, reduce the transportation cost, save fuel consumption.

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