Aluminum Fuel Tanker Trailer

Under the premise that the main performance of the tanker, the loading area and the axial load distribution direction are satisfied, the short wheelbase is better. Dimensions of the tanker: The size of the tanker is directly related to the wheelbase, track, cab, body and special equipment. Probably based on factors such as tanker and function, tonnage, capacity, appearance, special equipment, structural arrangement and conditions of use.

Product Details

Aluminum fuel Tanker Trailer tail has a sunken R & D, this is to more thoroughly implement the liquid handling of the tank, this location also needs to be called the settling cup, due to this structure! No matter what oil is transported by the tanker, there will be impurities deposited on the bottom during the transportation. Once it is not poured out, it will affect the sampling and testing of the transport to the station, density, etc.! Therefore, the driver of the tanker is basically coming to the destination. In advance, the oil deposited in the unloading port is poured out a few barrels and then poured into the tank for

several times. The purpose is to go to the oil station, or the oil depot, the convenient oil.


Aluminum Tanker Trailer



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