Oil Tank Trailer

Oil tank trailer mainly used for the transportation and filling of gasoline, diesel, kerosene and other light fuel oils. It can also transport and fill other non-corrosive liquids if necessary.

Product Details

Oil tank trailer is mainly composed of semi-hanging chassis, tank body, manhole cover, piping system, oil and gas recovery system, anti-overflow system, static conducting device, gas path control system, safety guardrail, oil delivery hose and protective device composition.

Oil tank trailer tanks are metal atmospheric tanks, mainly carbon steel tanks, stainless steel tanks and aluminum alloy tanks. The working pressure of the tank is not more than 72KPa, and the environmental working temperature of the tank is -40 ~ + 50 ℃. The cross section of the tank body is oval, square circular (rectangular with arc) and round. The tank body is equipped with a wave-proof plate to reduce the impact of the oil in the tank on the head and the barrel.The bottom of the tank is provided with a sedimentation tank and a sewage discharge port. The sewage discharge port may be opened occasionally to discharge the water and dirt accumulated in the sedimentation tank. An oil drain port is also integrated with the sedimentation tank, and the drain pipe can be connected to form an oil tanker through the port, or an oil pump inlet pipe can be connected to form a fuel tanker.

Oil tank trailer manhole cover is installed on the upper part of each tank body. After the whole disassembly, maintenance personnel can enter the tank for inspection. Manhole cover with breathing valve.

Oil tank trailer pipeline system is a two-way ball valve installed on the oil discharge pipeline to control the discharge of oil. The ball valve handle is open when it is parallel to the pipeline; the ball valve handle is closed when it is perpendicular to the pipeline.

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Main Configuration
Weight (KG)Tare Weight10000
Load Weight50000
Total Weight60000
VolumeTank Volume40000 Liters (40 cubic meters)
Technical Parameter
Main Frame
Main Beam Material
Q345B steelMain Beam Height500mm
Upper Plate16mmWeb Plate10mm
Tank body
Tank shell materialQ235B steel
End plateQ235B steel
Anti-Wave BoardCorrugated shape
Partition PlateThickness:4mm
Shape of TankEllipseCompartmentsCan be adjustable
based on needs
ManholeAluminum manholeBottom valveButterfly type
Discharge ValveEach compartment with a 3" ball-type valveWalkwayAnti-skid plate
Master SwitchesHand operated switchWarehouse SwitchesHand operated switch
Running Gear
Axle3*13Ton Fuwa axleSuspensionLeaf spring suspension
Tyre12*1100R20 or 12R22.5Rim12*8.0-20 or 8.5-22.5
Landing Gear28Ton Lengthen type legKing Pin2" or 3.5" bolt-in
or welded king pin
Brake System
TypePneumatic brakeBrake ChamberSix double chambers
Relay ValveWabco relay valveABS SystemOptional
Electrical System
LampsA full set of LED lightsVoltage24V
Receptacle7 ways

Tool BoxEquipped one set with basic toolsSpare Wheel CarrierOne
Side Guard2 units of side guardsFire ExtinguisherTwo dry powder fire
extinguisher of
8KG capacity
Unloading Hose2 roots of 6 meters' hose, diameter is 3-inch per root

In order to ensure the safety of tanker truck transportation and prevent fire caused by static electricity, the rear end of the tanker truck is provided with mopping tape. The exhaust pipe of the semi-trailer tanker truck should be front-mounted and a fireproof cap should be installed to facilitate transportation. The vehicle enters an oil depot or a gas station.Some oil tank trailer are also equipped with oil pumps, flow meters and power transmission systems, etc., which have some functions of fuel trucks, which can realize power unloading and oil loading. The oil pump is generally mounted on a tractor and is driven by the tractor's power transmission system. When in use, the inlet and outlet of the oil pump must be connected to the inlet and outlet of the semi-trailer truck through the oil delivery hose configured on the vehicle.

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