Tanker Trailer Of 4 Axle

Tanker Trailer of 4 axle is divided into two parts, the oil tank part and the skeleton or driving part supporting the tank body,the rear part of the semi-trailer tank car is basically the same, with two rear axles (two axles) and three rear axles (three axles), and the tractor head is selected according to the needs. It is usually called semi-trailer tank car according to the brand of lead

Product Details

Oil tank trailer:1. The tank body is made of 4mm or 6mm high-quality carbon steel produced by the iron and steel company according to the national standard. The shape of the tank body is divided into elliptical or square round tanks, which can contain 1-4 kinds of oil products. It can also produce heating and insulation series tank body.2. Alcohol and chemical tankers are made of stainless steel imported from Korea, with a thickness of 4mm-5mm.3. All kinds of hydrochloric acid, sulfuric acid and alkali tank cars are made of plastic, with a thickness of 12mm - 22mm.4. The tank body is equipped with multiple wave barriers. High pressure gas leakage test is adopted to make the tank body have the characteristics of high strength, stable center of gravity, safe and stable vehicle transportation, etc.5. Centrifugal pump, gear pump and stainless steel pump can be selected according to the purpose of tank car, which has the characteristics of large flow and fast suction speed.6. Single counting and double counting flow meters can be used for tank car metering, as well as tax controlled computer fuel dispenser, 10-15m automatic retractable reel and fuel gun. Edible oil products can be measured by computer meters.

Tanker-trailer-of-4-axle is a broad concept, including the replacement and cleaning of oil and filter of each system of engine (oil, gear oil, brake oil, auto change oil, booster oil, glass water, battery water, machine filter, steam filter, air filter, air conditioning filter, etc.), the replacement and maintenance of vulnerable parts of oil truck, such as belt, spark plug, battery, brake pad, ball joint, clutch pad, shock absorber, etc, Car beauty (car wash, exterior paint care, interior trim care, etc.).


mediumLiquefied petroleum gas
Dielectric propertiesInflammable and explosive
Working temperature ºC-40-50
Design temperature  ºC50
Working pressure Mpa<=1.61
Design pressure Mpa1.61
Corrosion allowance mm1
Welding joint coefficient1
Major Compressed Component MaterialscylinderQ370R
Volume m348
Medium unit weight  kg/m3420
Hydraulic test pressure Mpa2.1
Air tightness test pressure Mpa1.61

Tcrude oil trailers for sale following problems should be paid attention to during the operation of tanker truck:

① check the operation of all instruments during the operation of the tanker truck

② check whether the steering system works normally when the tank car is running;

③ it is abnormal to check the hand and foot brake of the tanker truck during driving;

④ check the engine, chassis and oil tank body for abnormal noise and odor during the operation of the oil tanker truck;

⑤ make good use of the parking time to do the following inspection work of the tanker truck.

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